Up Close with Fashionable Addictions

Recently, I was introduced to the boutique Fashionable Addictions and had the opportunity to virtually "meet" the woman behind the company, Danielle Seals, also known as Dr. Dannie.  Dr. Dannie owns Fashionable Addictions in Oak Park, IL, but for those of us not from the Chicago area, Fashionable Addictions also has a web site full of trendy clothes in straight and plus sizes, perfect for clubbing, work, the beach, and everything in between.

Identifying herself as a master marketer and celebrity stylist, Danielle worked for 12 years in retail.  She was working as a buyer for a store when it closed down.  At that time, she decided to go into business for herself and Fashionable Addictions was born!

Taking a hands-on approach to business, Danielle is in store during the weekend shopping rushes so that she can interact with more shoppers and stay abreast of customer feedback to help meet the needs and wants of her clientele.  She tries to live by the golden rule "Treat others as you want to be treated" and believes that keeping communication open with her clientele is pertinent to maintaining and growing her business.

Here a few of my favorite plus size pieces from Fashionable Addictions.  I could definitely see myself wearing any of these items.  In fact... I might just have to nab that white maxi skirt for myself!!

White faux leather pleated skirt $55
Mysterious Jumpsuit $72
Black and White Sally Swimsuit $48
Trina Vanity Dress $60
Gold Faux high low skirt $48
Vicky Jumper $49.99
See any pieces you like?  Check out all the offerings at FashionableAddictions.com!!

Stay tuned to the blog tomorrow for the start of a new series featuring summertime looks in my favorite color to wear - black!!

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