Third Year Look Back: My 10 Most Popular Posts

In honor of my 3rd blogiversary, I'm looking back at the past year, and today, I've rounded up my 10 most popular posts.  These posts received the most hits over the last year, starting from the tenth most popular to the fan favorite.  As you'll see, the posts I've written as part of  the #UnconditionalBodyBeautiful series have been some of my most popular posts, giving me a lot of encouragement to continue promoting body positivity through the love of and experimentation with fashion!

#10.  A Homecoming Look + A Review of My Pick from Altuzarra for Target

On this post, I wear my college alma mater colors and review what I thought would be my favorite dress from the Altuzarra collab with Target (turned out, not so much).

#9.  Unconditionally Body Beautiful Part 3: My Journey on My Legs

On the 3rd installment of Unconditionally Body Beautiful, the other participants and I talked about our relationships with our legs.  My legs are strong and shapely and are one of my favorite body parts.  I just love showing them off with short skirts and dresses!

#8.  What's New at eShakti!!

I've talked about eShakti quite a few times on the blog as I'm huge fan of their custom fit and styling options and variety of offerings.  I've actually got several new eShakti pieces that I'll be sharing on the blog soon, including a piece or two from this post!

#7.  The Temptress

While I inevitably returned this dress because of some minor fit issues and my inability to find a bra that would work with it, I really did love the color and overall shape of this style.  I especially liked the pairing of the sexy dress with the "Feminist" clutch because believing in the inalienable rights and inherent equality of all people regardless of sex or gender expression is in no way incongruous with loving fashion or wearing sexy clothes!

#6.  Garden Party
The watercolor floral pattern and lace inset at the waist really sold me on this slip dress.  Not sure why this particular post was so popular, but I'm guessing that the pretty pattern and unique aspects of the dress won you all over as well! :-)

#5.  Leopard in Transition

Leopard is a great transitional print.  I tend to think of leopard as mostly a fall print, but it really can work year round, depending on styling.  For late summer/early fall, a leopard print dress paired with bare legs and a plum satchel is perfect! 

#4.  Unconditional Body Beautiful - Part 1:  My Body and I From the Beginning
In the first post in the Unconditional Body Beautiful series, I explored my earliest feelings about my body and relate the changing nature of my relationship with my body over time.   While I rocked crop tops at the tender age of 3, it took me a long time to get back there, and I'm most definitely still a work in progress!

#3.  Smart Glamour and Body Positivity
I was so honored to be able to work with Mallorie Carrington of Smart Glamour and to feature a fun cropped tee from her custom, made in the USA, body positive fashion company!

#2.  Snowy Whites
This post was not only one of my most popular posts this past year, it is also one of my own personal favorites.   I love the shades of white and beige, and I felt like a fashionable winter fairy! 

#1.  Unconditional Body Beautiful - Part 4: My Belly and Me

The most popular post on the blog this past year was also the 4th installment of the Unconditional Body Beautiful Series in which I discussed my relationship with my belly.  Loving my belly sometimes requires daily reminders, but I'm getting there, and wearing crop tops now seem more fun than scary!

Again, thank you so much for making my third year of blogging such a spectacular experience!!

Did any of your favorites make it to the top 10?

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