So, it's time again for another installment of  #UnconditionalBodyBeautiful!! 
Skirt:  Eloquii (Available here)
I was so late with last month's post that this one seemed to come so soon, and here I am late again! 
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Shoes:  Sugar (Available at Kohl's here)
I've been mad wedding prepping as the man and I are tying the knot after over eight years.  We previously had a wedding planned three years ago, but had to cancel it due to a family emergency.  Now, we're pulling a wedding together with three weeks of prep time and a very small budget!! We are crazy, and I am stressed and tired.  I apologize that I've felt the need to step away from the blog a bit recently as there has just been too much going on. 

That said, I wanted to give you a quick heads-up on what to expect in the coming weeks.  I had a color series planned for July, but it will be pushed to early August, so expect to see lots of color early next month!  Also expect to see some wedding photos soon! :-)

Clutch:  The Limited
Sunglasses:  Calvin Klein
As it is July, it is hot where I live.  Warm weather calls for less clothing, and bare arms are no exception.
For so many years, I hated my arms.  I tend to gain both muscle and fat quickly in my arms, and they were always one of the larger parts of my body, sometimes seeming disproportionate to the rest of me.  Once while wearing a sleeveless dress (and 35 pounds thinner than I am now), my mother who hadn't seen me in a while exclaimed, "Oh my god!!  Look at your arms  They are so big!"  While she later apologized for her reaction, her words stuck with me.  I became much more self-conscious of my arms. 

Shortly after this comment, my attempts to lose weight began.  My healthy attempts at losing weight eventually turned into an eating disorder as I became obsessed with calories, fat grams, and calories burned through exercise.  I honestly don't link her comment with this series of events, but I needed to spell out the timeline because while I had a ton of body issues at my thinnest, I was generally content with my arms at that time.

As I started to put weight back on though, my arms definitely became a source of self-hatred, and I often looked to cardigans to cover up my arms.  As my weight continued to increase, my fashion preferences started to change as well, and I began my love affair with blazers.
Jacket:  Eloquii (Available here)
I still love a good blazer.  They are such an amazing completer piece and give every look a more polished and sophisticated feel.  I wore this look with jacket to work with just a simple black tank, and it felt really pulled together.
Glasses:  Valentino
As much as I love jackets and blazers, I realized at one point that I was often wearing them more to cover up my arms (and other bits) than I was as a fashion choice.
Earrings:  New York & Company
With blogging, I slowly started to wear more sleeveless clothes for pictures, or I would take off my jacket to show what was underneath.  Eventually, this led me to be more forthcoming with doing the same out in my real life. 
Now, I'm at the point where I'm generally fine with showing my arms.  For work, I still prefer my upper arms to be covered because I think it's more professional, and I still have a hang-up every now and then, but for the most part, I've learned that I have the right to bare arms!  Oh, and so do you! 

Don't be hot this summer - lose the cardigan, the blazer, the jean jacket, whatever you're using to cover up!Have you missed parts of the series? 

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