Top Ten Posts of 2015 + What's Coming in 2016!!

Happy New Year!!  I love the new year because it always feels like a fresh start.  Yes, it's an arbitrary date to start over, but it's a symbolic benchmark of the potential that the future may bring, which brings with it the impetus for change.

I always like to set goals for my blog, and for 2016, I hope to continue to improve photography, something I worked on in 2015 but which often proves difficult due to logistics of a full-time+ job, crazy weather, and a reliance on my children as photographers.  If you're a student/amateur photographer in the St. Louis area who wants to build their portfolio and get social media exposure in exchange for doing photography, please hit me up.  I"d love to work with you!!!

Besides improving photography, I want to continue to build my social media presence and to network more.  With my body image/ body positive posts being among some of the most of 2015, I'm also inspired to bring these issues to the forefront in the coming year as they fit into my blog.

With my mind on the future, the eye is going to the past today as I say hello to the new year with a recap of my ten most popular posts this year on the blog - these were the posts that YOU viewed the most!

#10.  Garden Party
This unique and pretty dress from ASOS was a spring/summer favorite, and it was popular with you all as well!
#9.  Unconditional Body Beautiful - Part 3:  My Journey on My Legs
The legs had it with this body positive post from the #UnconditionalBodyBeautiful series. 

#8.  What's New At eShakti
eShakti continues to be one of my favorite go-to retailers due to the variety of their selection and their customizing options.  This featured dress later became part of my closet and part of my second color and confidence series as seen here.

#7.  Black on Black
This simple look was one of my favorites this past summer.  All black is almost always a great choice, and I loved the gold accents and little color pops.
#6.  Giving Thanks
My Thanksgiving post was one of my popular posts this year!  This cozy sweater poncho is an easy go-to for casual wear and relaxed work looks.
#5.  Snowy Whites
One of my favorite posts this year was this snow angel look, and it was also one of my most popular!!  
#4.  Unconditional Body Beautiful - Part One:  My Body and I From The Beginning
The first of the #UnconditionalBodyBeautiful series, I discussed by changing, often complicated relationship with my body over the years.
#3.  Drapey Blazers & Python Clutches
Honestly, this one surprised me as it was actually one of my least favorite posts of 2015!!!  I wasn't particularly happy with either outfit - neither was as fashion-forward as I like to be, and the blue outfit came off much more matronly than in my head.

#2.  Unconditional Body Beautiful - Part 4:  My Belly and Me
One of my very favorite posts, I discuss my fears of baring the belly and its "growth' over the years while wearing an outfit that I adore!  Overcoming some of my body issues was a big deal for me this year, and I loved participating in the #UnconditionalBodyBeautiful series as it gave me the opportunity to share honest conversations about body image with all of you.

#1.  Unconditional Body Beautiful - Part 9:  My Face Is Up Here
My most popular post of 2015 was another installment of the #UnconditionalBodyBeautiful series.  I opened up about my anxiety over my lazy eye and get real about what I love (and don't love) about my face.

Did any of your favorites make the cut?  What do you want to see on the blog in 2016?  Any and all suggestions/ideas are appreciated!

See my most popular posts of 2014 here.

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