Unconditional Body Beautiful - Part 9: My Face Is Up Here

Happy Friday!  Today, the participating bloggers in the #UnconditionalBodyBeautiful series are back to talk about our faces.
My relationship with my face has been mixed.  I have generally had a youthful looking face and have also generally found myself to be attractive.  I definitely have not always seen myself as pretty or beautiful, but when I'm in a good place, I would say that I am.  On a really bad day, I may think my face is ugly, but thankfully, those bad days are few and far between.

A long source of grief for me has been my eyes.  On one hand, I think my eyes are one of my best facial features.  They're fairly large and a pretty color, and I've been told that I have bedroom eyes. 

At the same time, I have a lazy eye for which I've worn glasses since I was two years old.  I was told as a child that LASIK may be an option for my myopia, but that it probably wouldn't correct my lazy eye.  As my vision has gotten worse over the years so has my lazy eye.  
Make-up free after the end of a long work day AND yoga
While I accept myself as I am, I can still be a little self-conscious about my lazy eye.  Due to necessity (I see less and less well without glasses) but also my own insecurities, I always wear my glasses to correct my lazy eye.  Sometimes, depending on how I'm focusing or if I'm super tired, my lazy eye comes out even with glasses.
Another major insecurity for me has been my chin.  It's what I call a lazy chin....a lazy chin to go with a lazy eye, I guess.  Except at my very thinnest, I always have had a chin that slopes into my neck, without a lot of definition.  I don't have a "thin" fat face and spent many years envious of my mother and sister who I thought were much prettier than me and who naturally have slimmer faces and necks and more defined jawlines.

As I have gotten older, I have started to see the resemblance I have to my paternal aunts and also to my mother.  I have learned to see the beauty in myself by recognizing the commonalities I share with people I love.  If I can so easily see their beauty, then it's only fair that I recognize that beauty in me. 

I also have a crinkle in my nose when I smile, a crinkle that I have always had and that makes me feel cute. :-)

What is your relationship with your face?  Do you have a favorite facial feature?  What is it and why?

Also, why is it so fun to take silly face selfies?  Ha, ha!

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