Imitation Game: Nicolette Mason

It's been a while since I have done an Imitation Game post, but it was long overdue!  Today, I'm featuring a look inspired by Nicolette Mason.  I first discovered Nicolette when she took over the "Big Girl in a Skinny World" column in Marie Claire.  I always enjoy Nicolette Mason's feminine and sometimes quirky style, but I was particularly inspired by her recent post "Still Here."
Dress:  ASOS (Available here)
In this post, Nicolette featured a floral slip dress with a moto jacket.  The look felt really modern, but the print of the dress also had a retro '90s feel that made me super nostalgic for a floral slip dress I had when I was a teenager.
Photo on left by Lydia Hudgens and used with permission of Nicolette Mason
As featured on
Jacket:  Boohoo Plus
I was so inspired that I literally had to head over to the ASOS website to pick up the dress for myself.  The sheer panels at the neckline, mid-section, and hem were super cute, and the fit of this dress worked well with my top-heavy frame.

I liked the way that Nicolette styled this dress with a moto jacket, so I did the same.  I also echoed her pink purse by adding a recent faux fur find from Who What Wear x Target.
Purse:  Who What Wear x Target (Available here)

Glasses:  Valentino
Staying true to my style, I finished the look with booties instead of Nicolette's pumps.
Boots:  FarylRobin Fawcett (Available at Target here)

How did I do with this style steal?  Do you follow Nicolette's blog?

Head on over to NicoletteMason.com to check it out for yourself!

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