So, it's time for another post in the #UnconditionalBodyBeautiful series!  This month, we are talking about our backsides.
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When I agreed to participate in this series, I had a little misgiving that by separating our body parts out and talking about a different one each month that we were somehow objectifying our bodies, reducing ourselves to individual parts of our bodies even. 
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The more I thought about it though, I realized talking about individual parts of our bodies has a lot of merit.  Some of us who have suffered from body issues have struggled with generalized body anxiety.  Others of us have been fixated on individual parts.  Discussion about one body part might resonate while another may not.  For that reason, I think it's helpful for us to discuss our body parts individually in this way.
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And as I said, this month, we are talking about our butts, our booties, our posteriors!
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I don't have a lot of strong feelings towards my butt.  Since it's behind me, I don't really spend a lot of time looking at it, which means that it's generally not a site of focus for me.
Anymore, I'm kind of neutral about my butt.  I've been told before that I had a square shaped behind and that used to bother me, but now I don't really care.  I have slightly narrower hips in proportion to my waist and bust.  This creates a bit of a squarish effect to the hip area.  I've had this shape at all weights - I doubt there's a way to change it, and I no longer see a reason to try.  It's what my body looks like, and I am completely okay with that!
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At different times in my life, I was obsessed with the shape and appearance of my butt, just as I was with every other part of my body.  While it was never as big of a concern as my tummy, I would often stand with my back to a full-length mirror, viewing my posterior with a hand mirror.  I would bend over and look in the mirror, thinking my hind end looked like that of cow.  Yep, I did that...I get sad when I think about how much I hated my body and how hard I was on myself.  No one should ever feel that way about themselves.  We are ALL beautiful and we all deserve to feel that way!
I sometimes give my butt a glance to check for cellulite or for visible panty line in a particular outfit, but generally speaking, I really don't give it much thought.
Since I am thinking about it now, I will say that from the side view, it has a nice roundness.   I don't have a Kardashian butt.  I don't have a "booty," but my butt does look pretty cute in a pair of jeans. It's also surprisingly firm.

As I type this, it's really sore from long overdue exercise. LOL

My butt is beautiful because it's part of me, and I have accepted myself as beautiful. 
At the end of the day though, it's just a butt.  I can appreciate a round or tight butt on others or the way that my man's tiny hiney looks in his scrubs, but in general, I tend to take Amy Schumer's point of view as illustrated in this probably NSFW video.  For those of you not familiar with Amy Schumer, please be aware - strong language and butt/toilet humor with a feminist POV await:
Do you have a healthy view of your butt?  Have your views of it changed at all over the years and how so?

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