Imitation Game: Eloquii Fall 2015

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Eloquii, especially for my work wardrobe.  It's so great to find trendy and unique clothes that are still work appropriate.
Jacket:  Eloquii (Available here)

Case in point - today's outfit was completely copied...err inspired...from a photo on Eloquii's web site.
Source, photo on left:  Eloquii
Carwash fringe was a big trend on fall 2015 runways, so it was really exciting to see Eloquii offering this trend up in a work-friendly pencil skirt.
Skirt:  Eloquii (Available here)

I saw this peplum jacket and thought it was really cute - peplums are really flattering, and I loved the green color.  I also realized it matched the green pencil skirt I had previously purchased (shown here and here), so I knew I would have options for what to wear with it.
Boots:  Fergalicious by Fergie
I realized recently (while trying to find shirts to wear with particular outfits) that I tend to veer towards buying bottoms and tons of jackets (I'm a little obsessed), but that I have a fairly limited selection of shirts. 

For some reason, most shirts and blouses just don't appeal to me even though I do have to wear something on the top half of my body! 

My recent weight gain also means that several of my tops don't fit quite like they once did.  Because of that, I have been looking for some new tops to fill the gaps in my wardrobe, and I really liked this black and white graphic printed top.

Sunglasses:  Calvin Klein
When I saw this entire look on Eloquii's web site, I fell in love with the cool effortless vibe and the color palette.  I knew I needed to rock the whole look! 
Top:  Eloquii (Available here)
Earrings:  Target
Clutch and cuff:  The Limited
Have you ever been inspired by an entire look on a store's website or in-store display?

For the skirt in other looks, see here.

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