Imitation Game: Nadia Aboulhosn

Hi everyone!  Sorry that I missed Wednesday's post, but I'm back today with another Imitation Game, this time featuring a look inspired by Nadia Aboulhosn.
Pants:  Eloquii (Available here)
I've been following Nadia's blog for a long time, and I love her sexy street style, but there's one look to which I have been particularly drawn - this bare tuxedo look.
Photo on left c/o Nadia Aboulhosn, from "Bare Pantsuit" post
For probably about two decades now, I have been obsessed with the sexy tuxedo look - I seriously just think women look so amazing in tuxedos! 

I had seen a lot of thin celebs wearing shirtless tuxes, but I had never seen a curvier woman rocking this style...until Nadia.  I WAS INSPIRED!!

Blazer:  Ann Taylor
Since I have a fuller bust, I couldn't quite go completely shirtless.  I tried...the blog would have gone a little R-rated. 
Heels:  Target

Necklace:  Target
To maintain the bare feel without revealing all, I added my deep plunge bodysuit from Boohoo, which also reminded me of Nadia since she rocks a lot of bodysuits.

My pants need some tailoring (they are cuffed under right now and need to be taken in around the knee), but I wanted to feature this look first.

Bodysuit:  Boohoo.com (Available here)
Rings:  Torrid, Kohl's, NY&CO
Glasses:  Valentino
What do you think of my interpretation of Nadia's look?  Are you a fan of the tuxedo look for women?

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