Cassential Links, 9/18/13

Sorry my Cassential Links are late this week...family duties have taken their toll on my weekends!!!

Since starting my blog and following so many fashion blogs, I have been exposed to an increasingly diverse group of chicly dressed women.  I hadn't thought about how this exposure might have contributed to my greater body-confidence until I read this and this.  Little surprise, but an important reminder that diversity is a good thing for us all.

Classic prints never looked so chic!

The poor are often  simultaneously ridiculed and disdained, but what's it actually like to be poor and how many Americans are dangerously close to poverty?

Karrie Brown, and her mother Sue, from my hometown, are such inspirations!  Love that they are helping bring attention to people with developmental disabilities.  Karrie dreams big, and her story shows us that we can all make our dreams and goals come true.  Get #KarriedAway, and you can help more young adults like Karrie find meaningful employment and realize their dreams. 

Black and gold is such a chic combination - love how it is classic, but easily goes edgy.  Yasmin from Bangles and Bungalows offers some fabulous fall style inspiration.

Want some amazing unique costume ideas?  Look no further than Jes' post from The Militant Baker.

The problem with the privatization of feminism.

I can't read Italian (though hopefully my years of Spanish will help), but I am picking up a copy of Marie Claire Italy STAT

Reminder that loving our kids means loving who they are.

While the lack of body diversity shown by major designers is nothing new, the models of NY Fashion Week are also very racially homogenous.  

Love the song or hate it, think the song is "rapey", misogynistic, or fun, there's no denying that "Blurred Lines" has sparked discourse.  While the article's argument is compelling and the photographs brave and moving, the discussion comments had me engrossed for over an hour.

New outfit post tomorrow!!

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