Ready to Roll

I almost didn't include this outfit on the blog.  
Jeans:  The Limited (old)
Military jacket:  Old Navy (Similar here)
It is ultra casual, maybe too casual?  Heck, just a year ago, I wouldn't have even worn an outfit like this anywhere I expected to be seen, let alone publish photos of myself on the web.  
Purse:  The Limited (Similar here)
T-shirt:  Torrid (Available here)
These jeans are at least four years old.  I ripped them myself, and the years of frequent wear have worn the holes much more than originally intended.  I love these jeans.  They're comfortable and the perfect length for my motorcycle boots.

My motorcycle boots...worn on actual motorcycles....I couldn't possibly feature these boots on a fashion blog, or could I?

Can you tell I think way too much? I was over-analyzing and taking myself too seriously.  It's just clothes, after all.

Besides, I have always meant for my blog to show everyday style.  Life presents itself with many different occasions, and sometimes you just need clothes that you can throw on and go.

Bracelet (Purchased locally)
I wore this outfit the weekend before last.  My honey was still home-bound from his accident, and he was getting super stir-crazy.  While I was ready to spend my Sunday lounging at home, surfing the internet, he was longing to get out of the house.  I took pity, and we loaded up the kids for a Sunday drive along the Mississipi River on the Great River Road, the Midwest's version of the Pacific Coast Highway (love you, Cali!). 

We had fun checking out a local kid-friendly art fair, nibbling at a delicious fudge shoppe (where I also found this cool snake coil bracelet!), and ending our day at a local Mexican restaurant.

My outfit was perfect for walking around the art fair, and the military jacket was just the right cover-up for the slightly chilly temps and occasional raindrops.

All in all, it was a Sunday much better spent than had I trolled the internet all day!  Darn it...I hate it when the man is right.  ;-)

How do you dress for extra casual days?

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  1. That is more me. In fact I think you raided my closet :)

  2. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't! I'll never tell ;-)


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