Cassential Links, 10/22/13

This layered mixed print look is so sweet and cute but still manages to look grown-up!

While the relationship between food intake and body size vary for individual women somewhat, in general, the amount of food consumed by many actresses on TV and in movies is incongruous with their body shapes.  The media has worked to perpetuate a myth of the "eating actress"

Love Jennifer Lawrence for so many reasons, but I really appreciate that she is open about the insane standards placed on Hollywood actresses!

These brave women are speaking out to help break the stigma of sexual assault victims.

Cheryl manages to look both ultra sexy and ultra classy in this chic black dress!

Wondering if a Wonder Woman movie will EVER get made....

I always hated the term "nude" to refer to shades of beige and champagne.  While not an attainable shoe for many of us, it's nice to see that designers, like Christian Louboutin, are more cognizant of the racism in something as seemingly benign as color naming AND actually offering flesh-tone shoes for a larger variety of women.

I recently discovered Kiah and her wonderful blog, "From the Rez to the City."  Love Kiah's fierce style!

Melissa McCarthy's recent "Elle" cover sparks controversy for the continued censoring and differential treatment of those few plus-size celebs who get featured on mainstream fashion mags.  For the record, she reportedly picked the outfit she wore on the cover (and she looks gorg!)

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