Sweater Season

If you follow my blog, then you know I love jackets, but I wear very few cardigans and sweaters.  
Pants:  The Limited (Available in other colors on-line here)
 I just tend to find most sweaters boring and a little too classic for my taste.   For me, the basic cardigan usually feels too conservative while most attempts at adding additional details and flair leave me cold.
Sweater:  New York & Company (Similar styles here and here)
Blouse:  The Limited
I'm always looking for more unique knitwear because I do love the softness that sweaters provide.  I am definitely drawn to oversized sweaters - grandpa/boyfriend cardigans, cocoon sweaters, etc.  Maybe it's just the desire for comfort and warmth when the temps drop, but I always seem to opt for big cozy sweaters.

I love this tweed sweater coat because of its interesting shape.  The faux leather trim adds a cool detail that makes this sweater feel a little more polished and less casual than most oversized sweaters.

Tote:  New York & Company (Similar here)
Shoes:  Target
Ring:  Target
Do you prefer sweaters or jackets?  What shapes and styles of sweaters do you like best?

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