It's My Birthday, and I Can Wear What I Want To!!

So, today was a great day.  It was my birthday, and I was in a really good mood.

The weather was positively dreary though!  Grey, rainy, and chilly.
Dress:  Sophie Theallat for The Limited (Similar here)
Belt:  Torrid (Sold out on-line; May be available in stores)
The man and I were going out to dinner to celebrate my birthday, and I really wanted to wear this outfit.  The weather was not cooperating, but I decided to wear it anyway.

We went out for a nice Italian dinner, so what could be better than a dress that makes me feel like Sophia Loren?
Shoes:  Vera by Vera Wang (Kohl's - sold out on-line)
I like the juxtaposition of the ladylike dress with the moto jacket.  Some would say that these two pieces don't go, but this gal likes her sweet mixed with a little spice.  Leather and lace is a new classic in my book.
Clutch:  Target (old)
As I looked around the restaurant, all I saw were jeans and other casual clothes.  I suddenly felt a little overdressed, but I'd rather be a little overdressed for an occasion than under-dressed. 

After dinner, we picked up the kids from the grandparents and went to DQ to enjoy dessert as a family.  I was DEFINITELY overdressed for Dairy Queen, but as the man and kids loudly and embarrassingly sang me "Happy Birthday," my wardrobe choices hardly seemed to matter.  I felt special and silly and had fun with my family.  Also, the new pumpkin pie Blizzard...not too shabby.
Bow ring:  The Limited
Moto jacket:  The Limited
Who cares if this outfit was not exactly weather or event appropriate?

It's my birthday, and I can wear what I want!    :-D

For this moto jacket in other looks, see here, here, here, here, and here.

P.S. I altered this dress to suit my needs.  The dress was too long, but hemming meant losing the pretty scallop hem detail.  I opted to have only the lining hemmed to keep the lace and to show more leg.  I love that the flash of skin at the hem echoes the neckline.  The shortened lining creates a longer leg line that I find more flattering for my petite frame.  I am all about making clothes work for my body and for my personal aesthetic.  Alterations are a great way to make that happen.   After all, we should ALL be able to wear what we want EVERY DAY!!

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