Cassentials Links, 10/28/13

Lovely words from a lovely woman.  Love Kiah's look too!  It's urban, country, sophisticated, and earthy all at once.

Hate and anger towards others and/or towards ourselves can so easily eat away at who we are.  Meagan discusses how overcoming her hate has made her a happier person

Sally offers tips on how we can learn to love our bodies and ourselves

Isabel calls for inclusion and catering to by the fashion industry of "medium-sized" women.  I say the more diversity in the fashion industry, the better!!

Love the proportions and shapes of Karla's look.  I appreciate the love of black...hard to resist the allure of a simple, polished all-black look during the summer/spring...impossible in the fall/winter. 

Love the mix of black, soft grey, and fuschia in this outfit.  We should all have at least one outfit that makes us feel this amazing! 

As I turn 36 tomorrow, I have been reflecting a bit on my own growth and transformation over the last few years and how this confidence has played into my style.  Marie echoes this idea that confidence does truly grow with age and with some positive efforts.  Confidence is what makes us reach for that shorter skirt, amazing pair of jeans, motorcycle boots, stilettos, whatever it is that makes us feel like the best possible version of ourselves; and more importantly, it's what allows us to see ourselves accurately and lovingly in all our flawed and gorgeous fabulosity.  

Yes, Confidenceville is a pretty terrific place to live.  We always welcome newcomers, and the locale is perfect -  just up Assurance Road from Sasstown, and you can see the gorgeous Feisty Mountain in the horizon.

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