Laid-Back Sexy (Free the Tatas!!)

Recently, the man and I had a date night, and I wanted to feel sexy.

Dress:  Peter Som for Kohl's (Available here)
Sandals:  Target Kids
While my fiance is actually not that big of a fan of maxi dresses (he does like this one), I love them.  I think when they are low-cut and have a slit up the front like this one, they are very sexy. ;-D

I know that many larger-breasted women refuse to go sans bra, and I get it.  Wearing a bra can sometimes be more comfortable, and obviously, many situations require proper undergarments (like work, especially!).  I'm a 36DDD, so I get there may be a limitation to what I'm saying here, but don't you ever just want to set the girls free? LOL  

Cuff:  Express
Bracelets:  New York & Company (Available here) and The Limited
Maxi dresses scream summer, freedom, and easy glamour to me.  Wearing a bra with this dress would mean requiring a tank or another layer to cover the bra.  While that's a great option for wearing this dress during the day or out with the kids, on a date night, I say grin and bare it!  
Purse:  The Limited
A few notes on tailoring and fit:  The dress was too long when I purchased it, so I had it hemmed.  Because it is cut for a taller woman, the proportions are also off somewhat.  I plan on having the front slit raised to mid-thigh to be more reflective of intended fit.  Also, this dress fits on the larger size.  I went down a size and could have easily gone down one size more on the bottom half.

I love that even with the low neckline and somewhat high slit, the dress still feels classy and not too over-the-top.
What do you like to wear on a sexy date night?  Do you ever go braless?


  1. Looks marvelous! And I agree, maxi dresses are IT in the summer time for dressing up. I went right to Target when I saw you, but they only have this one left in an XS, S and M. . . ummmm. . . . none of those will fit "quite right." LOL I have two of them and I'd like to get one more.

  2. I just bought 2 maxi tank dresses. Love them for summer!
    I can't go braless because of being at one end of the bell curve with my 'headlights' (thank you genetics and nursing which exacerbated the issue). I'm small chested, and wish I could be free! It's just way too uncomfortable. Oh well, if it's not one thing it's another!

  3. Classy sexy. That's the way to go! With that said... there is rarely a time I dislike a maxi dress, and I certainly like this one on you. It has a laid back feel as you mentioned. Really, this almost sort of seems like Red Carpet-type loveliness with this dress. It has that look and feel without being a proper formal dress. You played this one very well.


  4. that dress is PERFECT for summer!


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