Spring Whites - The Look for Less

Recently, I was contacted by Credit Card Insider inviting me to participate in their "Splurge v. Save" campaign. 
Skirt:  Target (Available here)
Shirt:  Target (Available here)
Clutch:  New York & Company
As a shop-a-holic on a budget, I know the importance of finding bargains.  I'm continually inspired by designer fashion, but I lack the means or desire to shell out the cash for such big ticket items.  Since I like buying clothes often and having a lot of options, I'm always looking for ways to save money on items I love.

This spring, one of the looks that caught my eye was this design from Cynthia Rowley. 

Cynthia Rowley Spring 2014 look
Source:  Style.com
Shift blouses and white are both huge spring trends, and I love the clean, architectural lines of the look.  The quilting detail adds a luxe touch.  This look is fabulous, but way out of my price range, especially for an outfit so trendy.

Imagine my surprise to find a very similar look on Target.com.  This outfit is from the labworks, a fashion forward brand that is available in petites, misses, and plus sizes.

Not only did I find my designer-inspired outfit at a discount department store, I nabbed it on clearance while they had an additional promotional sale and used a coupon code to save even more cash.

Booties:  Target (Available here)

Bracelets:  Target and The Limited
This outfit is made from a substantial fabric and has great quilting detail just like the higher priced inspiration.

I preferred this look with a sturdier shoe than the designer inspiration, so I added beige booties.  A simple metallic necklace completed the look.

Necklace:  Torrid
Earrings:  The Limited

Are you inspired by designer fashion?  On what items do you like to save and on what items will you splurge?

Do you have a fashion budget, and how do you work to stick to it?

For this top in another look, see here.


  1. Oh your outfit is such a great look for less from the designer version. I love the whole outfit but I don't think I could pull off the top especially not right now it's way too hot in California right now but I'm really liking the skirt. I'm still scared to wear all white but I really love the outfit, so your inspiring me to try some white this summer! :) I love being inspired by designer fashion but like you I don't have the budget to buy them. I don't have a big budget to I'm always on the lookout for deals! :)


  2. That is such a cute outfit! And I love that you got such a great deal. I have nowhere near the designer budget, so I go to thrift and resale stores for the occasional lucky find. Recently got a vintage Milly dress for $8 at a thrift store. Score! :)

  3. Thanks Nina! White isn't too scary. :-)

    You're right - this shirt probably will be too hot for hot/humid weather.

  4. Thanks Carmen! That's an awesome score!! I really need to get over my anxiety about thrifting - sifting through racks makes me sort of anxious/tense. I love online shopping - do you know of any local consignment/thrift shops that sell their stock on-line?

  5. I know that Women's Closet Exchange sells stuff online, but it's in the "splurge" category. Otherwise, the hunting and sifting is my favorite part! Giving yourself lots of time and going when it's not as crowded helps. :)

  6. I think this is a pretty cool outfit. You are dressed nicely with this all-white outfit complimented by the skin-tone peep-toe booties. Your close-ups are so pretty! Well-played.



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