Make It "You"

This spring, I find myself reaching more and more for dresses.  For work or play, they make getting dressed quick and easy.
Dress:  The Limited (old)
I've had this polka dot dress for a couple years now, and I still enjoy wearing it.  The problem is that like many dresses, this one isn't super versatile.

That said, I like to change the styling up a little bit every time I wear it.  I've worn this dress with my red heels several times, but for today's look, I decided to add a pop art print tote and my handcuff bangles.

Bracelet and Ring:  The Limited
The dress and heels have such a retro feel when paired together but the accessories help keep the outfit more modern.
Heels:  Target (old) (Similar here)
I enjoy wearing a variety of styles depending on my mood, but I always love my look best when there's something a little quirky or edgy about it.  In this case, the handcuff bangles are quietly subversive, while the tote adds an artsy feel that I adore. 
Tote:  Ruben & Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant (Similar here)
Fun accessories that feel special help make your outfits uniquely you.  When you shop at mainstream retailers, which most of us do, it can be hard to feel or be "different."  Mixing accessories in original and unexpected ways or even having signature accessory pieces really helps in creating a truly personal style.
How do you use accessories?  Do you have any "signature" accessories?

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  1. cute dress! I'd love to see it with a statement necklace too!

  2. Ah I love the bracelet, do they still sell it? I really wanted the handcuff bracelet when they had it for jewelmint but they sold out of them. lol sorry, i got excited. But yeah I reach for dresses in the spring and summer myself and I love the pop art bag it's so fun with the dress. I love accessories especially necklaces but I feel like when it's summer I usually don't accessories that much because it's hot and I rather keep things light.


  3. Thanks! Yes, a bold statement necklace in a bright color would be great with this dress!

  4. The bracelet is a year or two old - I was excited when I found this. It's very cool and different, and surprisingly edgy for The Limited.

  5. I love this one! All of the dots on your lovely dress are kind of like a starry night- which is fine with a night-loving person like myself. The peep-toe pumps and the handbag certainly add a unique touch. Nothing but love for you and this outfit. Well-styled!



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