All You Need Is Love

Today, I had some errands to run and wanted to wear my new sweater.  Rather than wear the jean shorts I initially considered, I decided to add a more romantic vibe to the sweater with a tiered lace skirt and simple (and comfortable) ballet flats.  
Sweater (Available: Target )
To ensure the look wasn't too sweet, I added a chain link bracelet.
Bracelets:  H&M, Claire's
Earrings:  The Limited
Novelty sweaters were shown by many designers on Fall runways (See here). The look is fun, easy to wear, and perfect for fall/winter casual looks.
Purse:  The Limited
Shoes (Available:Target)
Skirt:  Torrid
More options:
Old Navy sweater
Target fox sweater
Would you wear a novelty sweater?

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