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Hi everyone! I'm back from vacation.  
Blazer (Available:  New York & Company blazer)
Bag:  New York & Company (Similar:  Silk Elements
Bracelet - Left Hand (Available:  The Limited)
I hope you enjoyed my picks out of the Fall 2012 runway trends.  

My advice on trends:
  • Stay true to yourself:  Don't buy something just because it's trendy.  I used to dress trendier when I was younger, but now, I buy clothing that suits my personality and my body type.  Being in my 30s, I'm more comfortable in my own skin and more attuned to what looks good on my body type. I only featured Fall 2012 trends that I like and would actually wear.  For example, 70s geometric print suits were shown by Prada and other designers on fall runways (See look here).  I prefer a much more classic look and will definitely be skipping that trend.  Picking a few looks or ideas from each season's trends keeps your look current and modern, but helps keep your style uniquely you.
  • Don't break the bank:  Style isn't about running out every season and buying a whole new wardrobe, which is great because most of us can't afford to do that.  The key to great style is to learn how to wear what's already in your closet in new ways.  If you have the means, add a few trendier pieces to your wardrobe each season.  Accessories are a relatively inexpensive way to update your look each season.
  • Break the rules:  Personal style and fashion should be fun.  While I focus a lot on finding flattering fits, sometimes girls just wanna have fun!  If you're in love with a new color, print, or cut, even if it's not the most practical or flattering, I say go for it!  It's important not to take yourself too seriously (I'm working on this :-D).  Loving your look will make you feel great, and your confidence will shine through!
Now for today's look:

Not quite ready to end my vacation, I wanted to wear something that was easy and laid-back but still polished.  I chose an all black look topped with a light pink blazer for a little color.  I finished the look with silver jewelry.

Silver collar necklace:  New York & Company
Tank:  Old Navy (Similar:  Old Navy)
Crossover top:  The Limited
Pants:  The Limited (Similar: The Limited)

Bracelet (Available:  The Limited)
What's your view of trends?  

What do you wear for work when you want something easy but still want to look put together?

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