Cassential Links, 1/19/14

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What does it mean to be a dad?  A black dadGay black dads?  Societal notions of gender, race, and fatherhood examined by the reactions to these two families.

Showing some local love for these St. Louis bloggers

While I love having fun with new trends and enjoy breaking trends down on the blog, I'm in full agreement with Amanda about not following trends.  Fashion is way more fun if we don't all look the same and wear what truly suits us.

As women, we are often taught to apologize for being who we are, explaining our way through life for not following the norms.  Time to be who we are in all our glory, unapologetically.

The Curvy Fashionista just turned five, and Marie is looking fierce in a satin jumpsuit and gorgeous make-up.

The internet exploded with hateful critique of Gabourey Sidibe and her Golden Globes look.  She offers the best response ever.  Gotta love her attitude!

So, Lena Dunham is airbrushed in Vogue, like EVERYONE ELSE, and Jezebel pays $10,000 to get the unretouched pics?  The story has made the blogging world abuzz this week, but the best response was this fundraiser started by blogger Nicolette Mason and musician Brad Walsh.

And the controversy over Mindy Kaling's gorgeous cover of Elle.

While body diversity in modeling has increased some, plus-size models are getting skinnierPlus-size models are smaller than their target demographic.

Love this cool retro-inspired outfit - leopard spots, black and white leather, and pops of red.  Gabi nails it.

As a poor/working glass white girl, I certainly didn't have many of the benefits of my middle class peers, but over the years I learned how my race afforded me opportunities and everyday privileges.  Good article for explaining white privilege.

Just as everyday women look sexy in our skivvies, so do men.  :-)

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