Denim Week 2: Weekend Edge

Hi everyone!  Today marks the start of Denim Week 2!  If you missed my first Denim Week, you can check out the looks here, here, and here.

This denim look was a recent weekend outfit.  I wore it out for a casual dinner with the family. 
Jeans:  The Limited (Similar here)
Jacket:  The Limited (old)
I haven't featured a flats look as of late, and I decided it was time to give my poor abused feet some rest.  The studded flats add a little edge to the outfit, and I've always been of a fan of black and grey mixed with red.
Tote:  The Limited (old)
Flats:  Target (Similar here)
Blouse:  The Limited (old)
For the longest time, I didn't like grey jeans - I saw them as faded black jeans, and they reminded me of old outdated jeans from childhood.  Over the last year or so, they started to grow on me to the point that I decided to try a pair.  Guess what?  I love them!
Ring:  The Limited
Do you like grey jeans?

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  1. I felt the same way about grey jeans, but lately I've been looking for a pair.

  2. I know...they really grew on me! I think the trick is not going too dark with the grey so that they don't just look like faded black.

  3. Love this look! I wish I could pull of that glorious yellow hue!

  4. Thanks Mariposa!! If you don't like mustard yellow near your face, maybe you could try a skirt or pants or accessory in the shade. :-)

  5. I think I will try an accessory then work up to a skirt! I tend to like myself in them better. Thanks so much for the suggestions!

  6. I feel the same way about gray jeans, how weird! :)
    Every time I think I've seen one of my favorite looks, you post something that is my new favorite. This outfit is cozy, and cool, and edgy, and soft and hard and I *want it* lol

  7. I love how the jean's have an ombre effect, I like grey jeans and actually I own a pair from forever 21+ that is my favorite pair of jeans. Oh and I love the quilted faux leather jacket, I love the quilted look, I was eyeing a similar one from target but when I tried on the largest size it was too tight on my arms. But yeah I love the touches of red too, I'm a big fan of black and grey with red just like you! :)


  8. Thanks so much! This was a cozy outfit and comfortable - that's become more important to me lately. I've seen many pairs of grey jeans that I didn't like, but I think going with a slightly lighter shade helped avoid the faded black look.

  9. Thanks Nina! This outfit actually reminded me a bit of your last post - just opposite (denim on bottom/ leather on top) with a leopard scarf.

    These grey jeans are quickly becoming a favorite of mine!


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