Fashion Favorites: White Blazer, 6 Ways

Blazers are a major staple in my closet, and this white blazer is one of my favorites.
This white blazer has a slightly cropped shape, making it flattering for petite figures.  I love this particular blazer with pants, dresses, or skirts, making it super versatile.

Here are some of the ways I've worn it:

With an LBD for work
The Essential LBD
With a heart print blouse and ballet flats
Hearts Afire
Springy with a green pencil skirt and floral
Spring To It
With faux leather for warm weather edge
What's Black and White (and a little red) All Over?
With soft blue and greys for an easy-going evening look
Blue & Neutrals
With red and black for a graphic pop
Red Pants, White Jacket
Are you a fan of white blazers?


  1. A blazer is a versatile piece. And you have shown how. Great post!
    Would you like to follow each other?

    Defining Me

  2. I live for blazers! I'm planning a larger "Fashion Favorites" piece on black blazers! I followed your blog on Google+. Would love the follow back.



  3. The white blazer looks great on you, as does the black one you have featured in some of your other posts. White is a color that I've shyed away from in the past, but I do have a white blazer and am thinking now that I may bring it out more in the coming warmer weather months. I really like the green pencil skirt that you have shown here and would love to see how you wear that in different ways.

  4. Thanks Kathy! I've only worn this skirt on the blog two other times, and I wasn't crazy about one of the outfits, but here are the links. :-)

  5. Thanks for sharing the links.


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