Fashion Favorites: Red Pants 7 Ways

While black pants will always be my favorite, red pants make a fun and confident statement. 

Looking over the ways I've worn my red pants over the last year, I find that I usually pair them with other neutrals.  I opt for modern graphics and cat prints to complement the bold red.

Here are some of the ways I've worn my red pants over the last year:
Mod Squad
Go Bold, Go Casual
Put On Your Dancing Shoes
Going Bold in the Workplace
Urban Safari
Stripes Week:  Red-y for Work
12 Days of Holiday:  Cozy Days
Would you wear red pants, and how would you pair them?

For similar pants, see here and here.


  1. The red pants really stand out style-wise in all of your outfits. It provides that unique color diversion to make outfits more interesting. Not real sure which one I'd consider my favorite application of these pants. I guess if I had to choose, maybe "Put On Your Dancing Shoes" or "Going Bold in the Workplace" would be my favorites.


  2. Love these looks, especially the first one. I just bought two pairs of red pants (work and more casual Gap khakis) and am now trying to figure out how to style them. This post is full of inspiration!


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