Denim Week 2: Tie-Dye and Fringe

Denim Week 2 continues today with a fun evening outfit.
Fringe top:  Wet Seal (Available here)
Jeans:  Torrid (Similar here)
This fringe shirt is completely sheer so I debated what to wear underneath it.  I opted for a beige camisole to show off the burnout print of the tank while still providing some coverage.
Jacket:  LOFT Petites (Available here)
Heels:  Target (Similar here)
Necklace:  The Limited (Available here)
These jeans are a favorite of mine, but I find them hard to wear at times.  The black print top and pink heels work here because they add more visual interest, but they don't overpower or compete too heavily with the jeans.
Earrings:  Express (Available in hematite here)
Clutch:  The Limited
Would you wear tie-dye jeans?

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  1. I love navy, stripes, AND nautical style. When time permits, please check out my Pinterest board that is dedicated to navy blue women's fashion: http://www.pinterest.com/kathysmith2011/fashion-navy-blue/ to see some of my favorite pieces and outfits.

  2. I love the fringe top! I think the beige cami underneath sets off the designs so well, better than white would. I looked at the garment on the wet seal page, and couldn't believe they styled it with a black tank underneath...it misses all that pretty detail! I think I've mentioned before, how I like your eye for clothes that have complex texturing. This tank is another example. I'm going to an auction in Feb. with a Roaring 20's theme, so I'm loving that fringe right now! I have fringe on the brain.
    As for the pants, I think my brain broke when I read the words "tie-dyed jeans". I had a flashback to the '70's and my brain shut down. Are these really 'a thing' now?!
    I know you post a ton of pictures already, and it's a lot of work, but was wondering if sometimes you could do a post about accessories, with close ups of your favorites? Or, like in this post, a close up of the accessory you are wearing? I know you choose your jewelry with care to go with the outfits, but I can't always quite see them :)

  3. Thank you! I'm a sucker for fringe!!! I don't know what it is about it, but I find it hard to resist. And, I LOVE 20s fashion!
    I've seen other jeans like these around here and there - not sure that they are a MAJOR "thing," but I love them! They actually remind me of a pair of jeans I bleached as a kid in the 80s (trying to create the acid-washed look that was popular then).

    As for the accessories photos, one reason I don't do a ton of accessories pictures is that I've had a hard time getting a good close-up focus with my camera. I actually just got a new lens today for my camera that will be very good for accessories photos, so I hope to feature more of them soon. :-)

  4. Thanks for the reply!
    I think it would be fun to have a post on, say, rings, and one on bracelets, one on scarves, etc with tips on how to wear them. Maybe scattered in amongst your other posts. I got out of the habit of wearing accessories when my kids were young (you know how they pull everything), and need to get back in the habit, since it's an easy and cheap way to dress up an outfit. And you always have such great accessories!

  5. I love the idea and may incorporate something like that soon. I also just started using Polyvore (where you can create inspiration boards) - might be a great way of pulling accessories posts together easily. :-)

  6. I'm not a huge fan of tie dye, but I think some people pull it off great. I think you pulled it off well. The fringe top is a trend I was really liking on the runways for spring and I really like the details on the top as well.


  7. Thanks Nina! I love tie-dye in moderation and in a muted color like these jeans v. a brightly colored tie-dye tee. Fringe is always fun, and I hope to find more of it this spring. It makes me happy! ;-)

  8. Thanks for checking it out.


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