Blossom in 2014: Radiant Orchid Named Pantone's Color of the Year

With a new year here, it's time to introduce Pantone's 2014 color of the year - Radiant Orchid!
Pants:  The Limited
Blouse:  The Limited (Available here)
atchel:  The Limited
Source (and more info. on this color choice):  NYDailyNews.com
This purple-pink is a great year-round color that looks amazing with navy, bright golden yellow, turquoise green, chocolate brown, and many other colors.

Pantone's choice is great news if you're a fan of this color as you can expect to see more fashion and home decor in this shade over the course of the year.

Blazer:  The Limited (Similar here)
Heels:  Target (old)
While I think the color is pretty and have these pants in a similar shade, you won't see me running out and getting more pieces in this color.  It's not one of my favorites, and I don't believe in wearing anything just because it's a trend. 

When it comes to color trends, I tend to consider several factors before I decide to partake:

1)  Do I like the color and how much?
2)  Does the color complement my skin tone?
3)  Does the color fit with other items already in my wardrobe?

The first question must be answered affirmatively before the other factors are even considered - no sense wearing anything you don't like!

Tank:  Old Navy Petites (Similar here)
Bracelets:  LOFT (Sold out on-line; may be available in stores)

Color trends are great for stocking up on your favorite colors.  I was excited last year when emerald green was named Pantone's color of the year because I love the color.  I was able to stock up on a few pieces that very likely won't be available in stores for the next year or two.  

Do you like radiant orchid?  How important is trendiness in determining your color choices?

See more on the meaning and reasoning behind Pantone's decision here.

For these pants in other outfits, see here and here.


  1. I ADORE this outfit! I am going to buy the shirt! Trying to decide between hues. Gold in general doesn't compliment my skintone but is so darn pretty. I am very taken with the silver as well. I am very very fairskinned so I don't want to look washed out. The pants are lovely!

  2. Cassie, how do you find their sizing? Is the shirt roomy, or would you size up from your regular size?

  3. Thanks Mariposa! I couldn't decide between colors either and bought both so that I could consider my options. I ultimately decided on the gold though. The gold has a grey-ish color in it which makes it look great with black or grey too. I think if you add a bright tank with it, it will help keep you from looking washed out.

    I think The Limited's sizing is fairly consistent and true to size. I wouldn't size up.

  4. Thanks! This is Dana from Facebook, I recently friended you! Thank you very much on your prompt and very helpful feedback. I am on the fence, oh my goodness, analysis paralysis in a good way! I looked up the pants and they are unfortunately sold out at this time. Very lovely and bold color!

  5. No problem! Analysis paralysis - love it! I got the pants back in the summer. I checked out ebay and found them in sizes 0 and 4 only.

  6. Thanks for checking! I am sure they will be out there soon, and I appreciate the search. :)

  7. The pants are in a lovely color and look lovely on you with this outfit. Serious high-voltage color with those bold pants. I saw a YouTube video on featuring Radiant Orchid once. It is a very nice color to me.


  8. Thanks John! It's a pretty color, but it's not well suited to my style for the most part.

  9. I am a huge fan of Pantone's 2013 color of the year! I even dedicated a board on Pinterest to women's fashion in the color. Check out http://www.pinterest.com/kathysmith2011/fashion-emerald-green-for-2013/ to see some of my favorite looks and pieces. I love that emerald can easily be dressed up or down. It's pretty and practical...
    Not so crazy though, about radiant orchid. I love purple, but pink...not so much. The combination of the two colors in radiant orchid is pretty, but this choice isn't nearly as versitile since it leans so much more toward the feminine side.
    Totally agree with your theory on purchasing clothes. The theory behind it makes a ton of sense when you don't have a ton of money. And I absolutely refuse to spend money on something that I just don't like! The older I get, the more it seems I've learned to be (and love) me. Oh how I wish I would have learned that sooner...

  10. Love your emerald board!!!!
    And yes, I wish I had learned to be and love me sooner too, but I think that part of that comes with maturity and experience!

  11. Thanks for checking it out.


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