Cassential Links, 1/7/14

There's something so amazing and zen about this simple black and white look!

Target in trouble again - this time for using a pregnant model to feature a plus-size dress.  Get it together, Target!

Gendered differences in size of physical characteristics in Disney films...what does it mean?

Tanesha nows how to rock a frock!!

This tartan jacket is equal parts edgy and chic

Perfect winter styling of this fab body-con dress!

Leopard dress. Check.  Tweed coat.  Check.  Comfy boots. Check.  Perfect cool and casual look!

I don't think it's fair to put the lame on Jennifer Lawrence, but there certainly is a difference in perception of a thin woman saying she loves to eat and an overweight woman saying the same.  Thin privilege is real.

Magazine doesn't use Photoshop, and the results are gorgeous!

The "problem" of "strong women" still exists for Hollywood writers, apparently.  Thank the Goddess for Neil Gaiman and Joss Whedon!

Ke$ha's check-in to rehab for an eating disorder is a reminder that the time to reconsider the way women critique each other and get critiqued for their bodies is long overdue.  Celebrities especially are under constant scrutiny.  Jessica Simpson discusses the attacks she faced for that infamous pair of jeans. 

And, in exciting personal news, I've started as a contributor for the amazing blog, The Curvy Fashionista!  Check the blog out and see my first post here.
Source:  The Curvy Fashionista
This post got picked up by the Huffington Post too!


  1. First I just want to say Congrats Cassie, I saw your article on the Curvy Fashionista the other day because I follow her on fb and when I saw you I was OMG thats Cassie, good job girl it was a great article! :) But yeah the links look great, I love reading them when I have extra time. :)


  2. Thanks Nina! I'm very excited. I should be posting on her site a couple times a month.

  3. What a great bunch of links! And congrats on your new blog-writing! Wooo, in the HuffPo too?! Cassie you are famous now! :)

  4. Thank you so much! I'm very excited about my new contributorship to The Curvy Fashionista, and I love The Huff! Almost as good as Jezebel! :-D


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