Fashion Favorites: Sheer Maxi Skirt, 3 Ways

One of my favorite, most comfortable skirts is this sheer maxi.  At first glance, skirts like these may seem difficult to wear; however, I have found this skirt to be rather versatile. 

The skirt looks best with crop tops or tucked in blouses to accentuate the waist and balance the flowy fit of the skirt. 

The sheer style of this maxi makes it particularly great for curvy petites.  The sheer maxi doesn't overpower petite frames, and the mini skirt under-layer shows off curvy legs and creates a lengthening effect.

I just think it's a fun skirt and am looking forward to wearing it again once the weather warms up a bit, possibly with some printed tights layered underneath.

Here are three ways I've styled my sheer maxi skirt:

Date Night Maxi
Skirt Week:  Drama Queen
St. Louis Magazine Honors The City's Most Stylish
Do you like sheer maxi skirts?  How would you wear one?

Similar skirt available here and here.


  1. It looks like those lace-up peep-toe booties are your go-to shoes for this sheer maxi skirt. I like the second outfit the most of these three. I probably would have added the blazer from the third outfit to go with the second outfit.


  2. Seeing this on Facebook, I started to really like this outfit. This is classy casual with a very chic touch. Sweet-looking blazer. Both the blouse and the jeans are nice. Same goes for the pumps. Classic Cassandra charm.


  3. Thanks so much John! I love that we've started to interact both on FB and through our blogs! :-)

  4. Yes, I think they are! I just phased largely phased these out of my wardrobe though as they were getting really worn out, so next time I wear this skirt, I'll have to change the shoes up!

    I definitely wouldn't mind either blazer with the second outfit. As the middle outfit posted in July or August, I was looking for a breezier look to beat the awful heat and humidity!


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