Cassential Links, 2/8/14

It has taken me a while to get my links post up, so some of these posts are a little dated, but still very relevant...here's your Saturday Cassential links.  :-)

Are racialized sexist images art or just completely insensitive?

I remember sitting in a grad school sociology class and suddenly feeling very "masculine" that I so eagerly raised my hand and spoke up with my perspective in class.  I was still very insecure about many things in life, but I knew my sociological stuff and I liked to share it.  But was my behavior too aggressive and "unfeminine?"  I've since learned not to care and not to apologize for being "too much."

Women's sexual expression has become more open and mainstream in recent years, but is the message of sexuality that is so often promoted one of female empowerment or an appeal to a heterosexual male ideal of generic submissive sexuality?

One thing that I learned over the years with my own body image struggles is that self-love is an ongoing process.  Disordered thinking about one's body often leads to behaviors that are dysfunctional.  Years of anorexic-like behaviors and binge eating has taught me this.  Learning not to judge ourselves and our behaviors is a step in the direction towards greater health and better choices.  Knowing what is good for us and acting on this are two different things, but working to sync these two is a process towards healthy mind and a healthy body.

When I was in my early 20s and lost a significant amount of weight, I noticed a sudden change in people's treatment of me.  I got hit on relentlessly - sexually harassed constantly.  I had a co-worker objectify me, asking me to turn around and model for him - I felt like such a piece of meat.  Once that same co-worker got to know me, he treated me with a whole new level of respect - even going so far as to tell me that he had no idea that "there was so much to me."  Experiencing life both as a very thin athletic woman and as an overweight woman has given me a lot of perspective - there definitely is an ugly side of pretty.

I so often feel this way while watching TV - love the satire.

Disney princesses as you never knew they existed ;-)

Love these examples of active resistance to sexist advertising

This article wonderfully addresses the tabloid fascination with Bruce Jenner and his supposed transitioning.

The modeling industry never seems to amaze me with what passes for thin and plus-size

Love this article on how dressing for your age, whatever that means anyway, is dead.  While my personal style has changed from early 20s due to my lifestyle and fashion whims, I love the idea that age has no real relevancy on how we dress.  Stupid rules are most definitely made to be broken.  Wear what you want!!!

Great explanation of the concept of whiteness and how the construction of race was developed to promote and justify inequalities


  1. You should check out my Curvy Girl Lingerie website, sometime. We have these awesome Kixies Thigh Highs made by a woman in San Francisco. WE LOVE THEM because they never roll down and they do not turn your thighs into muffin tops!

  2. How did I miss this post?!
    Anyway, most lingerie doesn't work for me, as I'm plus size but have small breasts (a B cup on a good day). Before kids I used to LOVE short sexy robes. Something that didn't really rely on fitting correctly. Felt so luxurious. Someday when my kids are out of the house (not too long now, youngest is 13)!

  3. I have a little longer to go...my youngest just turned 6! :-)

    The sleeves of robes are always too long for me, but I understand what you're saying - that's why I tend to love babydolls/chemise style nighties. I tend to find them easiest to fit. I tend to have the opposite problem as you - I'm a 36 DDD and usually have to purchase tops/jackets/lingerie to fit that part of my body, which usually means a lot of alterations everywhere else.

    I actually bought the black strappy cup babydoll from Lane Bryant (bottom right) and the cups were WAY too small for me. In reading reviews of this piece after I had tried it on, it apparently runs very small in the cups. I don't know if you have any trouble finding bras, but I recently discovered Bare Necessities, an on-line lingerie retailer, and they seem to have pretty broad sizing options. I saw A cups up to 30-50 and B cups from 30 up to 56.


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