Dress Week 2: Mixed Prints & Cobalt

Today, I'm wrapping up Dress Week 2 with a recent work outfit and a slight variation that I would wear for more casual situations.

I love mixing prints, but I questioned mixing three prints, especially for work.  I thought the pattern mix might be too much, but in the end, I decided to go for it.  Both the prints and the color palette are relatively simple which prevents the look from going over-the-top, in my opinion.

Dress:  The Limited
Jacket:  The Limited
Ring:  Earthbound Trading Company
Bracelets:  Express (old) Zoppini (old), New York & Company (Available here)
I'm always a fan of bold colors with black and white.  The cobalt jackets add a bright pop against the graphic black and white.

Silver accessories with pops of cobalt help tie the look together.

Blazer:  New York & Company
Scarf:  Gift
Tights:  The Limited
Boots:  Payless
Clutch:  The Limited
Would you mix three prints in one look?

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  1. Love this look! I think you are totally right, the color palette is perfect for pattern mixing. Nice job! :)

  2. Oh I love how you mixed the prints here, I really like how you mixed black and white prints together, they look great together. But yeah I am like you, I love mixing black and white with a pop of color and the cobalt jacket just pulls the whole outfit together. Those tights are super cute!


  3. It took me a while to see the difference between the Work and Play versions of this outfit, but I figured it out- it is a change in jackets. Anyhow, this is a pretty cool look to me. I'm not crazy over the tights, but they are nice to go with the booties. The ring with the eye design freaks me out somewhat. The outfit in general is very good in my view.


  4. Beautiful outfit! I love the colour of that jacket!


  5. I have never personally been able to mix more than 2 prints without feeling like I'm turning into a circus. Yet I see others do it successfully (like this outfit) all the time.

  6. Really cool! I love the bright color of your jacket, it really makes your outfit super fun and fresh :D
    See ya!


  7. Thank you, Doctor Tinycat!! I kind of feel the same way about mixing more than two prints, but I just decided to go for it on this day. You probably rock it too - I think it's hard to get past preconceived fashion rules.

    I love accessories - I get lazy about it sometimes, but I really think they make an outfit.
    Being petite and curvy AND working in a conservative office, I don't always feel like I can break out with the fashion as much as I want. Accessories help give more classic or conservative looks more edge or cool factor. :-)

  8. Thanks Nina! I'm in "love" with these tights that when they came back out this year, I grabbed another pair as back-up!

  9. Thanks John! I also changed into more comfy boots though they are basically the same in design.


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