Transitioning to Spring

I'm still wearing dark suits and familiar favorites to get me through the winter, but, even though it is going to be less than 10 degrees Fahrenheit here tonight, I have faith that spring will EVENTUALLY get here. 

While it can't happen soon enough, I'm doing some planning - trying to come up with some new transitional outfits that will get me through unpredictable spring weather in the Midwest. 
Skirt and top:  Target
Jacket:  The Limited
I've added my heavy faux leather quilted jacket and ankle boots to a spring/summer outfit from last year for a mix that will keep me warm enough while still sartorially celebrating nature's re-birth with bare legs and pops of sunny yellow.
Necklace:  Shoxie.com (Available here)
Bracelets (left):  LOFT
Bracelets (right):  The Limited, LOFT
Clutch:  The Limited (Available here)
Boots:  Fergalicious by Fergie (Available here)

How do you transition your wardrobe from winter to spring?

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  1. I guess living in California we don't really transition our wardrobe that much because it's usually warm. I haven't actually really felt the winter here actually so I guess my transitioning is using more colors. But yeah I'm really liking that quilted jacket and I'm still loving that target set.


  2. There's just something about quilted designs that really stand out to me. So obviously, I love this quilted leather jacket. I also adore the booties. Before seeing a close-up, I thought this was a dress (or maybe a dress with a little midriff showing. Turns out, it's a cropped top and a skirt. Both are very nice to go with everything. Great style by you yet again, Cassandra.


  3. Thanks Nina! I definitely transition with more colors too. I tend to stick to a lot of darker neutrals in the winter, especially black. Spring makes me reach for pretty brights and pastels!


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