Dress Week 2: Softness and Structure

Dress Week 2 continues today with my ivory color blocked dress.  I paired the dress with a navy military blazer with black trim. 
Dress:  The Limited (old)
Blazer:  The Limited
Bracelets:  New York & Company, The Limited (Available here, no longer available on-line)
A gold belt and gold hardware on the boots and bag help add a little brightness and flair to the outfit.

I really love mixing flowy pieces like this dress with more structured pieces like the blazer.  I think it is the hard and soft balance that I really enjoy.

Tights:  The Limited
Boots:  Target (Available here)
Purse:  Target (Similar here)
Belt:  The Limited (came with a jumpsuit)

Do you like mixing flowy pieces with more structured ones?  Do you like mixing neutrals?

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P.S.  I was looking for a pair of rubber soled boots with a short stacked heel like the boots featured here (perfect for the snow).  I tried this pair at home, but the boots rubbed too much and had to go back.  The search continues!!


  1. The purple bag adds a nice pop to the outfit.


  2. I like the tailored top with the flowing dress. I think a moto jacket would have the same sort of contrast. Love the purple bag for that great pop! Is it new? Very pretty, and makes me think of a spring crocus (who am I kidding, spring is never coming! lol)

  3. I really love the plum jacket with the leopard print. I've been seeing more leopard print lately, and I think you look smashing in it Cassie!

  4. Fit and flare is flattering on just about everyone. I wouldn't have thought to add a jacket, what a great idea! You're right though, the jack has to fit just right.
    I think the thinner blue on the bottom looks so much better than the wider blue section. A black and white print is pretty classic, and this one has a modern twist. I think it will have staying power. :)

  5. I *love* the close up accessory shot! Thank you! All of the accessories are sooo pretty and go with this soft look. Did I mention I loved the soft look? Love it. I was going to ask the same question as Nina. I couldn't go braless due to my headlights :) but I think a nude cami would look great under it too.

  6. Love the lip print oufits! Even though I'm not a big fan of pink, I like the pink / black outfit a bit better.
    I spent V-day getting a pedicure with a friend (bright red toenails, natch!) and out for frozen yogurt. Later after my son's violin lesson, the same friend (who got divorced 6 months ago and it's her first V-day single) joined my son and I for dinner at the café next door to the music lesson. They were giving out complimentary little chocolate cakes with a rose on top, and I sent her home with our table's. She said it was one of the best V-days she's had in awhile! Later my husband got home and we ate some gloriously delicious Oregon Berry pie together (I got a whole pie from the café to bring home....they have THE BEST PIE).

  7. Great links! I was stunned that a size 6 or 8 is now a "plus size" model. Yikes! I was an 8/10 until about age 30, and I was definitely on the small end of average. Now I'm an 18W. The only people I see modeling clothes who look like me are fashion bloggers!

  8. Thank. you! I love leopard print, and I'm trying to find more ways of wearing it other than just pairing it with black - which will always be my favorite, but a girl likes variety. :-)

  9. There's definitely some variation. Models for Torrid, Ashley Stewart, etc. tend to be fuller and I think at minimum a 12-14. But yes, if a size 6-8 woman who is 5'10" or taller is considered plus-size, there is no hope for we mere mortals and it just shows how completely f*cked up the fashion industry has gotten (been) in regards to promoting an unrealistic and unattainable body ideal for women.

  10. Sounds like a fun time and what a great friend you are! Glad you had a good Valentine's Day! And wow, could I use a pedicure! :-)

  11. Thank you!!! I love that it is a little dressed up, but so comfortable and cozy - the back makes it a little sensual too. Even though I have big'uns (lol), I like to go braless on occasion (when it's not too hot), but I definitely think a beige cami or other color (depending on what you're wearing on bottom) would look great. The beige would provide the most "bare" look, but I've worn it with a black cami and liked the look.

  12. Thank you! I agree that this dress will likely have some staying power.

    Even though I'm not always the biggest fan of cardigans, I think cardigans work well with fit and flare dresses, but only if they are cropped and fitted to maintain the shape. I've worn blazers with fit and flare dresses before, but I've never liked the effect as much as here - much more figure flattering. :-)

  13. Thank you! I got the purple bag around Thanksgiving, but I just haven't shown it on the blog. I think you might be right about spring! :-/

  14. I missed this post. Anyhow, I love this dress. The blazer adds a very nice touch while the booties are stylish. Speaking of stylish, I love this plum handbag in its style and color. This is a lovely outfit as well as lovely looks. Well played, Cassandra!



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