Comfy Work Wear

I'm always looking for ways to change up my work wear. 

Yesterday for work, I played with older pieces in my wardrobe to create a super comfortable work look that managed to also look very professional.  The skirt and jacket are both knit!

Skirt:  Target Petites
Jacket:  Labworks for Target Petites
I love how the peplum cut of the blazer works with the asymmetrical hemline of the skirt. 
Clutch:  Vintage
Top:  Ann Taylor Petites

To add a bit more fun to this look, I added a fringe top and mint nails for a pop of color.
Ring:  Earthbound Trading Company
Shoes:  Target (old)
I love how the pieces all work together, and have personality while still being subtle enough for work.
Earrings:  The Limited (Available here)
And of course, a black and white palette is always a favorite!  :-)
How do you change up your work clothes?  Are you a fan of fringe?

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  1. I love everything about this look. That skirt is especially brilliant because you get the below knee length in front and the sassy longer hem in the back. Super pretty on you.

  2. Rarely do I have a problem with fringe, so I approve of the fringed top. You played this one very well, Cassandra. I love the blazer and like the sandals.


  3. Oh I love this look, at first I thought it was a dress and then I saw the fringe. I love how the fringe adds a texture to the outfit. Of coarse I always love your black and white outfits especially with the pops of color, the clutch is really cute. But yeah that jacket is really cute I like how it folds in the front and the peplum detail on it as well.



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