A New Favorite

Sometimes, I purchase an item that seems excessive but that turns out to be a really good buy.
Blazer:  eloquii (Available here)
Such is the case with this black blazer from eloquii.  Obviously, you can't really go wrong with a black blazer, but I definitely didn't need yet another one.  That said, I had really been wanting a longer length black jacket for a while.  With the longer length but simple cut, this blazer brought something different to my black jacket collection, and I'm really enjoying this new addition to my wardrobe.
Pants:  LOFT Petites (Available here)
Booties:  Target
When I say really enjoying, I mean that I'm wearing it ALL the time.  I've already featured it on the blog a couple of times (see here and here) and expect to see it a lot more.

Today, I'm pairing it with floral pants and a gold scarf.  I recently wore this outfit to work, and I got a ton of compliments!!!  And more importantly, I was so comfortable all day!!

Camisole:  LOFT
Earrings:  Target
Eyeglass Frames:  DVF Diane Von Furstenburg (Available here)
Scarf:  New York & Company
Like pretty much every item I add to my wardrobe, this blazer needed to be altered.  I did a few before and afters of this look, so I could show you the changes I made.
The most obvious alteration was shortening the sleeves.  When purchasing an item, it's important to fit your largest body part and then have everything else tapered down.  The sleeves of jackets are often too wide for my liking, so I also had the sleeves narrowed.

Lastly, I had the jacket taken in under the arms.  Before alterations, the jacket definitely made me feel a little more top heavy than I am. The before photos are a little dark, but, in the second and third photos, you can see the extra fabric under the arms.  The alterations helped create a slimmer and more streamlined look.

Clutch:  The Limited
Do you have clothing altered?  What are the items you're most likely to alter?

For the pants in other looks, see here and here.

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