Fun with Zippers and Antiquarian Couture

It's no secret I love moto jackets, and there is nothing better than an easy shift dress to throw on with it.
Dress: ASOS (Available here)
I recently fell in love with this dress from ASOS after seeing it in a style advice column from Redbook.  I am often inspired by other bloggers, fashion magazines, and the like, but I don't usually copy looks so closely.  I loved the simplicity of the look, the color palette, and the modern easy cut of the dress.
Jacket:  Torrid (Available here)
Boots:  Target (Purchased used from eBay)
Getting this dress was not without some difficulty though!!  I had never ordered clothes from ASOS before, so I wasn't sure what size I needed.  I looked at the size chart, and even though I know my measurements, I still wasn't sure.  I'm usually a 16 Petite on top and a 12 on bottom, so I went with a 14 in the dress.

The dress took a few extra days than scheduled to get to me, and then when it did, it was way too big!!!  While the dress is supposed to be a little shapeless, this just looked like a hospital gown...not cute at all!

But, they were sold out of a 12, so I wasn't sure whether to go for a 10.  As much as I knew the 14 was too big, I was worried that the 10 might be too small.  I ordered it, but kept the larger size to compare and decide if I might want to get the size 14 altered or return both.

The second order got lost in the mail!!!  ASOS sent me out another one, and about a month and a half after first ordering, I finally got my dress AND it fit!!
While it's slightly closer fitting than I think was intended, the overall fit is still loose and easy and infinitely more flattering than the larger size.  Not only did it have a slimmer fit, it was now the perfect length, something I wouldn't have been able to alter due to the zippers.
After ordering this dress, I realized how perfect it would look with this amazing watch pendant from Antiquarian Couture.  Based in the St. Louis-area, Antiquarian Couture offers one-of-a-kind pieces with vintage and steampunk influences.  Designer John Bauer uses found objects like old watches and watch parts, insects, and other natural elements to create interesting and unique jewelry for the modern age.
Pendant:  c/o Antiquarian Couture (See here)
I've always had a thing for pocket watches, and I particularly loved this piece that uses a black pocket watch case and showcases an antique watch movement with topazes.  The piece is statement-making and feels super modern at the same time that it has such a lovely vintage quality and an industrial-age edge.
According to the designer, the watch movement is from the New York Standard Watch Company which started to make watches in 1885 and ended in 1929.  No one has found any serial number information on the company, so no one can accurately date the watch movement.  The company did make over 8 million watches, and this movement has a serial number of 081429, which means it's 81,429 in their series.  It is estimated and suggested that if the company had 44 years of production, then they made about 181,000 watches a year. With the serial number being less than that first 181,000 mark and even less than 90,000, it is a safe assumption that the watch movement is actually from 1885, making it about 130 years old!  There is a coat of resin on the movement, which makes it shiny, protects it from any damage and also makes this very easy to clean.  There are two yellow topazes and one white topaz.  This necklace would retail for $90 at Antiquarian Couture.

I find the history of this piece fascinating, and it's one of the coolest methods of upcycling that I've ever seen.

If you're interested in a piece of Couture, contact John here or at antiquariancouture@gmail.com.  He can even do custom orders!
Wristlet:  Torrid (Available here)
Do you shop at ASOS?  What's your experience with sizing?

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**This is a sponsored post.  Item was received in exchange for post.  All opinions are, as always, my own.

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