Desk to Drinks

Planning a Valentine's Day-related event sometime during the week?  If you are heading straight out from the office to drinks, dinner, or another event, you may not have time to change.
Skirt:  The Limited (old)
But, your look can be ready for romance (even if the romance is with your fabulous self!!) and still be work-appropriate.
Blouse:  Target
Blazer:  New York & Company (old)
Shoes:  Target
Here, I paired a soft pink pencil skirt with a floral crop top.  The blazer keeps you appropriate for work, while it also adds a cooler edge to the overall look.
Ring:  Gift
This is a great look for heading out with friends after work.  Simply swap out a work bag for a cute wristlet or clutch, and you're good to go!
Earrings:  Ixora Boutique
About this bag - I was immediately drawn to the message.  I saw it as a promotion of confidence.  Life's too short to feel negatively about yourself.  A message of self-love can only be positive, right? 
Wristlet:  Torrid
Then, my analytical side kicked in.  Should a bag marketed to women say "girls"?  Does this message promote the annoying and sexist message that women are always supposed to smile and be happy?  Is it insensitive to women who just aren't at a happy place in their lives? 

In the end,
my emotional reaction to the bag won out. No matter your size, shape, sex or gender identity, color, abilities, etc., confidence always comes off as attractive.  With confidence, you project positive energy, which draws others to you.  Happy PEOPLE are the prettiest!! :-D
Eyeglass Frames:  Valentino
Do you have any after-work V-Day plans this year?

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