January & February Budget Round-Up and March Wish List

So last month, I totally slacked in doing a budget round up...probably because I was too busy shopping.  The last two months have been very shopping heavy.  I haven't been doing well with sticking to my budget.  I'm giving myself a little slack as I've been working a ton of overtime, selling old clothes on eBay, and I usually treat myself to a little extra with my tax refund.  That said, it's time to get very serious about my budgeting, and I am going to work on making March a much more fiscally responsible month!

I thought about forcing myself into a shopping hiatus for March, but I know myself well enough to know that trying to cut myself off completely is only a recipe for failure.  So, I've decided to go back to my budget and do my very best to stay there while I continue to sell unwanted clothes on eBay or at a local resale shop to help make up the difference from January and February.

Here's what's on my radar for March:

I'm really feeling custom pieces lately as they just feel more special and personal.  So this month, I'm thinking a custom clutch and jewelry from Smart Glamour.

Smart Glamour "The Amelia" Clutch
Smart Glamour "Audrey" Hand Chain
I'm also looking for a few spring pieces, including a piece in a pretty coral and something in a fun print!
Torrid Long Jacquard Coat
Torrid Eyeglass Whimsical Print Top
Now that I've told you what I'm planning for March, it's time to talk about what I got in January and February!

Like I said, the last few months have been shopping heavy.  My combined budget for January and February was $350 plus a $65 rewards card from Lucky Magazine for a total of $415 (learn more about earning shopping rewards here). 

I spent a whopping $725, and even after accounting for my eBay sales and extra allowance from my tax return, this was still quite a lot.  I also had some gift cards and store rewards, which allowed me to get even more with my budget. 

With such a haul, it's all the more reason that I should be able to show some restraint in March and over the next several months (or so I'm reminding myself).

The man and I are planning to fiiiinnnnnally get married this year, and even though we plan to keep the wedding very simple, we'd also like to take a honeymoon.  When you have five kids, these things have to be seriously budgeted!  Clothes are fun, but when they start to get in the way of more important life goals and plans, it's time to re-assess priorities and to learn to be more thoughtful about purchases.

So with that said, here's my loot.  The prices reflect what I paid after sales, discounts, store rewards, gift cards, etc.
Asos Swing Dress $26
ASOS Curve Sweetheart Crop Top $23
After my first order with ASOS turned into quite the ordeal, I was a little nervous about ordering from them again.  I'm expecting the above pieces within the week, so fingers crossed no problems.  Time will tell whether the pieces fit and whether they will be kept, but for now, I'm including them as part of my expenditures.

Now for the rest which you've seen on the blog or will definitely see soon!

I've been loving eloquii since it's re-launch, but I hadn't bought much from there.  I changed that in January & February with several orders.

Eloquii Printed Criss Cross Flare Dress $50
Eloquii Pleated Midi Skirt $54
Eloquii Diamond Mesh Crop Top $35
As Seen Here
Eloquii Studio Drama Peplum Jacket $71
As Seen Here

Eloquii Side Split Sweater $12
As Seen Here

Eloquii Red Tassel Necklace $29
Eloquii Black Blazer
As seen here
I also got a couple of other tops from Eloquii that I plan on exchanging.  These cost about $40, and since I plan on exchanging, I'm including them in my totals for Jan/Feb.
The Limited Moto Jacket $65
As seen here
The Limited Silky Lace Cami $0 (Rewards)
The Limited Preppy V-Neck Sweater $35
As Seen Here
The Limited Clutch $0 (Gift Card)
As Seen Here
The Limited Printed Bow Blouse $30
As Seen Here
The Limited Suede & Faux Leather Clutch $18
Asos Dress $32
Torrid Wristlet $9
As seen here
Torrid Wristlet $9
As Seen Here
H&M Tunic with Printed Design $35
As Seen Here
Zazzle T-shirt $20
As Seen Here
Anne Michelle Giovanni Heels - eBay $13
As seen here
New York & Company Gold Pleated Skirt $20
As Seen Here
New York & Company Cardigan (in navy & grey) $50
As Seen Here
New York & Company Braided Flare Jeans $32
New York & Company Print Skirt Short $26
New York & Company Sailor Pants $0 (Rewards)
As Seen Here

Lastly, I got a white clutch (not shown) for $4 from New York & Company using rewards.

So, as you can see, I've bought quite a lot over the last two months.  While I'm doing great with sticking to some of my other style resolutions - having more fun with fashion, wearing more color, and even showing more leg - I'm not doing as well with sticking to my budget.

I REALLY plan on correcting this though through the sale of some more of my old clothes and more importantly, through more thoughtful spending.

Do you struggle with a budget?  Any tips for sticking with it?  What's on your radar for spring?

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