Punky Sexy Day-Glo Lady

Sorry that I've been away from the blog all week.  I have been having some problems with my glasses.  I'm waiting on new lenses, but in the meantime, it's made blogging hard.  On the good side, my brother is in town visiting!! I haven't seen him in two years, and it has been so wonderful hanging out!  I've also been enjoying the warmer weather and sunshine.  I know that the dangers of skin cancer are all too real, but my mood is so elevated with increased Vitamin D exposure!!

As much as I still deal with body anxieties and self-deprecation (and I will be discussing some recent battles soon in an upcoming post),  I sometimes also find myself to be incredibly sexy!!

Skirt:  Eloquii (Available here)

Bodysuit:  Boohoo (Available here)
There are unwritten rules that women aren't supposed to say they love themselves or their bodies or to think that they're sexy.  We live in a culture that often teaches us a narrow ideal of beauty that only 5% of us can ever attain.  Because of these ideals, many women struggle to feel good about their bodies and appearance.  We are taught that it's normal to have these body issues - that this is just a part of being a woman.  While insecurities are probably a natural part of being human, the extreme focus on our bodies and appearance are not natural at all.  This insecurity is a direct product of a corporate and media culture that makes money off us feeling that way.  We buy more stuff (diet products, gym memberships, make-up, etc.) if we feel bad.  Healthy body images aren't good for business.

Heels:  Target (Similar here and here)
Glasses:  Valentino
A woman who says that she loves her body and finds herself desirable is often considered egotistical, at worst, dangerous. A fat woman who says this...well, she's a lethal weapon!

I love this outfit because it has a ladylike feel with the knee length skirt and heels, is fun and unexpected thanks to the neon yellow heels, and is also super sexy. 
Hello neckline that dips down to my waist!! 

The kilt feels a little punk.  The overall look has an irreverence to it that feels a little anti-establishment. And hey, the radical notion that a fat girl can feel sexy?  Totally punk!

Yes, this outfit is me being a punky sexy Day-glo lady, and I absolutely love it!!
Clutch:  Target

Earrings:  Etsy

Women are not one-sided.  We can be sexy and still be ladies.  We can be serious and still be fun.  We can play within the system and yet reject established ideas.  An outfit that expresses all these sides...Why the hell not?

P.S.  A quick note on the fit of this bodysuit - I bought a US 14, thought it was a little small and ordered a 16, which is what I"m wearing here.  In retrospect, the fit was better on the 14 and I will be exchanging.  For wearing out and about, I would recommend using double-stick tape.

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