Neon Lightning

Lately, I have been going through clothes.  My weight has fluctuated up and down some, so I'm sorting through clothes and trying to get organized.  I am seeing what fits, finding clothes I forgot I had, and deciding what I want to sell or give away.
Skirt:  Wet Seal (old)
I don't wear a lot of prints, but as I spring clean and prepare my wardrobe for warmer weather, I've been looking to increase my print options.  Since I wear a lot of black, wearing prints is a great way of adding visual interest and creating a more personal touch.
Jacket:  Boohoo Plus (Available here)
Top:  LOFT
I haven't worn this pencil skirt in forever.  It's one of the items that I had in a box with the intention of discarding, but when I saw it again, it felt fresh and new.
Heels:  Target (old)
Sunglasses:  Calvin Klein
I really love the print.  It reminds me of lightning on a dark night.  It's kind of moody, but it has almost a kinetic energy.  There's not much better than a spring/summer thunderstorm, so even though this outfit could easily work in the fall, the print of the skirt actually reminds me of warmer weather.  The acid yellow heels echo the skirt's energy with their jolt of color and add a spring touch.
With a lot happening on bottom, I kept things simple on top with a black trapeze tee and a cropped moto jacket.

Accessories were also simple with a black clutch and silver cuff.
Cuff & Clutch:  The Limited
Since both the skirt and top are knit, this outfit is super comfortable, and I could see myself wearing this outfit for a lot of different occasions.
Do you tend to wear a lot of prints or stick with solids?  What kind of prints speak to you?

For the skirt in another look, see here.

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