October Budget Wrap-Up

I struggle with the urge to shop.  First, I love fashion, so it's hard to avoid buying new pieces I love.  Second, and probably more importantly, I shop when I am stressed, bored, anxious, etc.  Just as some people use alcohol or drugs to "let loose," I often use shopping.

I am working on changing this maladaptive behavior.  Setting a budget for myself was one way of ensuring that I shopped more thoughtfully and with more purpose, but I am finding it very hard to stick to a budget.

Even with birthday gifts offsetting the costs of some of my purchases this month, I still went way over budget for the month of October.

Discussing my budget and purchases in a public forum is making me more accountable.  You guys keep me honest. ;-)

After some reflection on my purchases, I made a few decisions:

I decided to return the voluminous sweater coat.  I like the piece and that it was "different"; however, it is a piece that is somewhat difficult to wear and not super versatile.  It was also a higher ticket item coming in at just under $60 with tax.

I decided to return the velvet suit from Ann Taylor that I got for my birthday and replace it with a similar suit from The Limited that I could get at a lower price point thanks to better sales/coupons at The Limited.  Even though the jacket was a petite, the sleeves and shoulders were still in need of altering, and I wasn't crazy about the way the jacket cut straight across the hips (I find a slightly curved hem to be much more flattering).  Replacing the suit with a lower priced, but still high-quality, option freed up some of my gifted birthday money for other October purchases.  The replacement blazer will have to come out of my November budget.

So, here's what I ended up with:
The Limited Exact Stretch skinny pants
The Limited quilted faux leather jacket
The Limited lace cami
The Limited studded tank
The Limited knot earrings
The Limited Forenza car sweater
The Limited neon crewneck sweater
The Limited Cassidy Fit camel flare leg trousers
The Limited 312 fit slim bootcut jeans
The Limited foulard print jacket
The Limited Drew velvet slim pants

Ann Taylor Petites peplum blouse
Total Costs:

Top Row:  Pants ($33); Jacket ($77)
Second Row:  Cami ($8); Blouse ($18)
Third Row:  Earrings ($11); Sweater ($19)
Fourth Row:  Sweater ($5); Pants ($28)
Fifth Row:  Jeans ($29); Blazer ($42)

Sixth Row:  Pants (Free); Blouse (Free)

I got two jackets altered which cost $64, but several small returns from previous months' purchases helped offset that cost from my budget.

I also got four additional pieces of jewelry (three necklaces and a bracelet) that were on clearance sale.  They are no longer available online so I couldn't post pictures.  Total cost for these pieces was approximately $25.

Subtracting the additional $145 I received in birthday gifts, I ended this month right at my budget of $150.

Whew!  Too much stress.  Must do better next month!

Even though I spent too much this month and had to scramble to get back within my budget, I did get a few key pieces for which I had been searching for almost two years - those being camel pants and a faux leather jacket that fit my style and body.  I also got a few great bargains this month like the $5 sweater and a cute Peter Pan collar necklace for only $4 (not pictured).

Here's to a more frugal November!


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