Shopping Failures and Pitfalls

Happy Friday everyone!

I've been trying to add more color to my work outfits this week.  I really love wearing black and dark neutrals in the fall/winter time and tend to use a lot more color in the summer when my style gets more bohemian and more casual.

Blazer:  The Limited (Available here)
Jeans:  The Limited
Clutch:  The Limited
In an effort to add some color splashes to my blog posts, I wore this lime and taupe blouse with teal and yellow beads in a causal work look. I was drawn to the color when I bought this last spring, but I haven't worn the blouse much.  It would look great with teal pants or a skirt or toned down with taupe or navy, like I did here.  

I can think of several different outfit possibilities for this blouse, but at the end of the day, I've come to the conclusion that it's been hanging in my closet not getting worn simply because it just isn't me.  It's a pretty blouse, and I would like it on someone else.  I think this one just goes down as one of my shopping blunders. 
Blouse:  The Limited
Heels:  Target (Available here)
Bangle:  Target (old)
Earrings:  The Limited
Over the years, I have gotten better at avoiding shopping pitfalls.  I used to buy lots of multiples, but then I would get bored with wearing the same thing everyday in a different color.  I still buy multiples on occasion (especially shoes since I have a lot of trouble with fit), but when I do, I do so with more purpose.  Buying multiples of everything discourages creativity in your wardrobe and gives you fewer options for mixing and matching.

I also used to purchase items when they were on clearance sale simply because they were a great deal.  I still love a bargain, but I have learned to weigh the benefit of having a wardrobe of pieces that I want to wear often vs. a closet full of clothes that I find "just okay."  The likelihood is that the higher priced item has more use value and will get worn more often than items purchased simply for their low initial costs.

Nowadays, I have largely learned to purchase items that I really love rather than just pieces that are "nice" or "cheap."  I have learned to appreciate having less clothes, but spending more money for quality.  I've also learned that having a large diversity of clothing isn't necessary if you are comfortable in your personal style and know what you enjoy wearing and feel comfortable in.  

Unfortunately, this top was a bit of a blip in my improved shopping skills.  I had noticed this blouse when it first came out, but it wasn't something I liked enough to purchase - even after several shopping trips.  At some point, I decided to buy it because it was a pretty color, or on sale, or it was different than other things in my closet.  I can't really remember.

What I do know is that it hangs in my closet simply because I didn't listen to my shopping instincts.  I was attracted to the color and the beading.  The problem was that I settled for an item that wasn't quite my personal style.  

Assessing your closet and making a running shopping list can be a great way of avoiding some of these shopping mistakes.  It helps focus your shopping to avoid impulse purchases and mistakes that initially look tempting due to price, color, or attractive store displays.

How do you avoid shopping blunders?

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