Holiday Dressing

Stumped with what to wear for the holiday season's gatherings and festivities?

I love holiday fashion!  I would happily wear glitter, rhinestones, velvet, and lace almost every day of the week, especially when it's cold outside.

Here's a gathering of some of the outfits I've worn so far that would be perfect for holiday parties or gatherings.

Don't like all my black?  You could easily substitute red, burgundy, emerald, silver, gold, sapphire, or winter white in places where I'm wearing black.

Happy Holidays!!!
Winter Sparkle
Casual Festive
Velvet Ingenue
Tuxedo Styling
Channeling Chanel
Birthday Suit
I Vote for Sequins, Velvet, and Tweed
Party Time! Excellent!!!
Workaday Elegance

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