To Thine Own Self Be True

Have you been following my series on dresses?  If you've missed the first two installments, you can catch up here and here.
Hand Chain:  Smart Glamour Custom "Audrey" (Available here)
Today, I'm talking a bit about personal style.  I'm all about dressing true to one's own style, and through the years, I've been able to hone in more on what that means to me.

My style is actually somewhat eclectic.  I really enjoy a range of different fashions, but at the end of the day, if I wear what feels truest to me, it would involve something similar to this look.

Blazer:  Eloquii (Available here)
Dress:  ASOS (Available here)
Boots:  Target
Clutch:  The Limited
Here's what I love about it: 

1.  It's black and white.
2.  It includes a tuxedo blazer.
3.  It includes comfy and edgy booties.
4.  It's cleavage-baring without being over-the-top.
5.  The blazer has a unique detail with the zip-off collar.
6.  It makes me feel fantastic.

The removable collar is so cool!
To assess your own style, I suggest taking a look at your closet.  Do you have multiples of similar items because you are continually drawn to certain styles?  If you had to limit your wardrobe to 6 or 7 pieces, what would you choose?

Dressing for yourself is the only way to go.  Even though our styles may be restricted by the confines of work dress codes, lifestyle, and incomes, at the end of the day, we should all still have at least one outfit that feels just like us, that feels true to ourselves and makes us feel amazing!  If you're lucky, you have a whole wardrobe that does this!

To make this look even more "me", I plan to have the dress hemmed up a bit.  I think a shorter length will work better with the looser fit of the dress and also work better with the long blazer.

Ring:  Vintage (gift)
What do you wear when you want to feel uniquely YOU!?

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