Taming of the Shoe

Fun shoes are a great way of adding a little panache to a simple look. 
Dress:  The Limited
I had planned on "taming" these purple faux python heels by styling them with a simple monochromatic look, but everything I was coming up with reminded me too much of this look, and I wanted something that felt fresh.
Heels:  Anne Michelle
Cardigan:  LOFT Petites
So, I went a different direction.  I paired the heels with a zebra print dress and tiger head bangle for a slightly quirkier twist. 
Satchel:  The Limited
Bracelets:  Target and Torrid
Necklace:  Target
The python heels are still balanced by the "gentler" zebra print.  The dress/cardigan combo is simple in shape and color palette, This helps balance out the statement heel while still adding to the visual interest of the look.
Earrings:  trendylittlepieces
Glasses:  Firmoo.com (Available here)
How do you add flair to your simple work outfits?

By the way, I read that zebra prints were "out" this year.  Pshhhh...as if...wear what you want!! :-D

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  1. First off...do we really want to tame the shoes? They are so fierce!!! Besides you're just going for an animal theme....love it!!
    ps...besides you can't always believe everything you read, right?


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