The Temptress

I don't usually go for the full-on sexy look.  My approach to sexy is usually a little more subtle, but there was something about this cobalt skater dress that I simply couldn't resist.
Dress:  Boohoo.com (Available here)
I had been ogling it at boohoo.com for several months before I finally bit the bullet and went for it.
Heels:  Simply Vera by Vera Wang
Bangle:  The Limited

The off-shoulder look, flirty skirt shape, and cleavage-baring silhouette was just sexy, sexy, sexy to me.
I decided to play up the va-va-va voom of this look by adding my highest heels with their amazing lace-up detail. 
Earrings:  trendylittlepieces - Etsy
As much as this look relies on more conventional elements of sex appeal, I also just think it's fun.  I paired the dress with my custom "Feminist" clutch from Smart Glamour.  I love how the color of the dress plays off of the pink lettering, but I also love the message made in the juxtaposition of a sexy dress and the statement clutch.
Clutch:  Smart Glamour Custom (Available here)

Women are taught through slut-shaming that wearing an outfit like this means "you're asking for it."  Feminism is in part about the freedom of both men and women to dress how they want to dress without fear of violence, covering as much or as little as one wants.  Yes, I love a short skirt and showing off my cleavage.  In no way am I asking to be harrassed, touched, or attacked when I do so. 

While I feel a bit like a temptress, this dress isn't about anybody besides myself (and sharing it with you all, of course). 
It makes me feel great.  I recently gained a little weight and have been feeling a little down on my body.  This dress made me feel sexy and happy, and I just love how the pictures turned out.  In fact, it made me so happy, I had to dance in the rain!! LOL

That said, I will NOT be keeping this dress.  I don't normally take pictures in pieces that I don't intend to keep, but I love this dress so much that I wanted to show it off while also taking the opportunity to talk about fit issues. 
The dress runs small in the chest, and while the 14 fit me well through the body of the dress, it was quite small in the chest (for reference, I'm a 36/38DDD).  I tried wearing a plunge bra with the dress, and you could still see the bra.  The bra helped the dress lay properly, while also helping to resist gravitational pull.  Worn without a bra, the dress gets pulled down in the front, pulling the waistline down, and affecting the fabulous shape of this dress.  With the bra, the waistline of the dress sat at just the right spot for the most flattering of fits.  It has built in padding for shaping, which might also offer some support for smaller chested women.
In the end, despite how much I love and want this dress, it will be going back.  The style just isn't quite working for me.  If you're built with a smaller chest, I highly recommend it, as I can't say enough how adorable I think it is!!
Would you wear a dress like this?  Have you ever tried an item that made you so happy, but you just couldn't resolve the fit issues?

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