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I hope you have enjoyed the seven dress looks I've featured over the last week and a half.  If you've missed any, links are at the end of this post.  I had planned an 8th look for the series, but the dress required alterations before I could wear it.

Instead, I decided to do a round-up of some of my previous favorite dress looks, along with some before and after photos on pieces I've had tailored.

First, here are some of my favorites (Links to all original posts are in captions):

White Dresses with Black
I just love white dresses, especially in my favorite monochromatic combo!  White dresses are perfect for spring and summer, but depending on the fabric, they work well all year long!

Left (from top to bottom):  Here and Here
Center: Here
Right (from top to bottom:  Here and Here
Maxi &Midi Length Dresses
I'm such a firm believer that petites can wear whatever styles we want!!  Maxis and midis don't necessarily make us look shorter, and even if they do, who cares?  Celebrate your fun-size self!! :-D
Check out this post I wrote for The Curvy Fashionista for more fashion rules we curvy petites should unabashedly break!!

Left to Right:  Here and Here
Left to Right:  Here and Here
Lots of Color
People always seem surprised when I say that I greatly prefer to wear neutrals because I actually do wear quite a bit of color.  Green is one of my favorite colors to wear, and I'm often attracted to shades of emerald, jade, and forest in prints and solids.

Left to right:  HereHere, and Here
Left to Right:  Here and Here
Quirky Prints
I tend to buy mostly solids, but when I buy prints, I usually seek out fun, quirky, and sometimes unusual prints like these zebra and spectacle prints.  The prints are memorable and graphic but still easy to wear.

Left to Right:  Here and Here
The Little Black Dress
I couldn't have a dress round-up without including the little black dress!  The LBD is a classic because it is so easy to accessorize and change up for many different types of occasions.  I love my LBDs - I go with mini lengths for weekends and evenings, and stick to more conservative silhouettes for work.

Left to Right:  Here, Here, Here, and Here
As I've discussed many times on the blog, I rarely get the right fit off the rack.  Several of the dresses featured in today's post are from eShakti, where I was able to get a custom fit.  When custom fit options are not available, tailoring usually comes into play.
From Planning for Spring
From Neutral Zone
From Modern Fit-and-Flare
From Slip Into Black
From It's Only Rock-N-Roll...
From Twelth Night
This last one's a bit shorter now as shown in the last photo.  If you're not in love with the first round of alterations, don't be afraid to give tailoring another try.  It's always better to err on the side of having something altered too long/large and then whittling down from there!

Hope you've been inspired to rock those spring dresses!!  Whatever you wear, don't forget to make it your own!

For the previous posts from Dress Week 4, see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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  1. Love that you talk/show about alterations! I think many women get frustrated that clothes "don't fit" when in reality alterations are a way of life!!! jodie


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