Color and Confidence: GREEN

Today, I share with you my favorite color..GREEN!
Dress:  LOFT Petites (Available here)
I love many shades of green, but the teal shade of this dress is my absolute favorite!  I fell in love with this dress at first sight.  In fact, those of you who follow me on Facebook may remember me sharing this one with you.
Necklace:  The Limited
Besides the color, the shape of the dress is perfect. And, I can rarely say no to a maxi!!

I'm in love with the lightweight fabric and the slinky feel of this dress.  It has a 70s glam feel that I adore! The relaxed vibe is easy, and the dress has a comfort factor that makes me feel super sexy.  Give me a dress like this over a body-con one any day! 
Gold bracelet:  The Limited (Available here)
As much as I love this dress, it's also a big step outside of my comfort zone.  

This dress features a backless silhouette.  My back is not one of my favorite parts of my body.  The back of this dress is gorgeous, but I couldn't possibly go so bare in the back...or could I?
Shoes:  Target (old)
I decided to go for it!  This past year has really been about stepping outside of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion. 

I first started with shorter skirts.  While I was adjusting to showing off more of my legs, I also started showing off my arms more.  In the past, I RARELY went sleeveless.  Now, I'm in spaghetti straps! 
I have also experimented with crop tops, though I find at my place in life, they are mostly not for me. 

Trying all of these new shapes and exposing my body more has really helped increase my body confidence.  It was very difficult at first, but it really does get easier with time.  In fact, I rarely second guess showing my arms anymore, and I LOVE rocking my legs in a mini!

Ring:  Shoxie.com
Midi rings:  Torrid (Available here and here)
Bracelets:  Torrid & LOFT (Available here)
Choosing to expose certain parts of my body has always been for myself (or for my love of fashion experimentation).  So for that reason, I'm also very comfortable in realizing that there are certain parts of my body that I simply don't love showing off or styles that I just don't love on me (like body-con dresses, for example). 

Maybe it's my social science background, but I think if you are accurately going to decide what works for you and what doesn't, then it takes serious experimentation -- trial and error, testing and re-testing over time based on your changing body, changing preferences, and changing lifestyle needs.

Clutch:  New York & Company
Experimenting with fashion and choosing to "go for it" can be very liberating.  Whenever you're in the store, looking at something on the hanger and thinking, "I couldn't wear that,"  I implore you to give it a try!  You might just be surprised at how great something looks on you.

Also, if you really, really love a new trend, a different hemline, or are just really hot this summer and don't feel like being confined in long sleeves or pants, I hope you choose to dare
yourself and push your own boundaries!

Again, trying something new, trying something we have spent years talking ourselves out of, can be scary and uncomfortable.  When we have talked ourselves out of showing our arms, for example, we aren't inclined to look in the mirror and think we look great in a sleeveless top right from the start.  It takes practice to overcome the rules we have created for ourselves or those we have internalized from social cues.

Step out of your comfort zone this summer, and try something new.  As Marie Denee from The Curvy Fashionista says, "Don't Knock It, Til You Try It"!

It strikes me that true freedom is being able to be ourselves without the fear of embarrassment or ridicule from others (even if that ridicule is unfortunately sometimes real).  While clothing choices are certainly trivial in comparison to the life and death aspects of freedom, on this Independence Day, I encourage you to be yourself and to wear what makes you happy.

Happy 4th of July to all my American readers!!! 

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P.S.  I took pics of today's look on two separate days, so the accessories are slightly different.  I was having "nip" issue the first day that demanded a re-take. #bloggerproblems LOL


  1. i LOVE all of these outfits u showed in this post! i might want to buy a few yellow pieces. u have such great style! playing in makeup and creating a really pretty look makes me feel confident. i also enjoy cooking a delicious meal and having my family enjoy it.

  2. I love it, but it only comes in sizes 8, 10, 12 right now. And I rarely find anything at Loft Petites bigger than a 16. Do they have a plus size section that I'm missing somehow? Green is my 2nd fave color, the 1st being PURPLE! ;)

  3. Carla, unfortunately, LOFT only goes to a Petite 16. They had this dress in that size, but looks like they have sold out of it. Purple is my second favorite color, but I wear so little of it, for some reason!!

  4. Thanks so much, Lizzy! Love hearing about what makes you feel confident! :-D

  5. There is a certain magic to yellow. It is such a positive and cheery color. This yellow dress is lovely! When paired with this brown jacket, it is a lovely color combination. Mustard Yellow surely has been popular in recent times. Your face and smile are so pretty in the close-up. Of the other yellow outfits, I liked the yellow blouse with the black wide-leg pants outfit ("Get Your Motor Runnin') the most. Honorable mention to the "The Dark Side of the Sun" outfit for the bold midriff-baring.


  6. I've never been crazy over green, but it is a very good color. Most of the fashionable green colors are usually mostly near cyan or blue. I usually like greens in fashion like Emerald Green and certain Forest Green colors. And then of course, there is the extremely popular Mint Green and the once popular Army Green. Anyhow, this dress is beautiful. I'd say this is probably a versatile dress to wear from day and even into the night- just change shoes and some accessories. You wore your favorite color quite well.


  7. I love all the yellow outfits! They are all so stylish, and really show off the yellow in a fashionable way.
    For me, quilting is the thing I put first for ME. I started when my kids were little, and carving out that time really helped keep me mentally stable (you know how it is with kids!). Now that my kids are both teens I'm finding I have so much more free time that I don't need to explicitly carve out that time anymore, I just do it when creativity hits.

  8. Thanks John! I'm looking forward to wearing this dress more!

  9. Thanks John! I really agree. It's such a happy color!

  10. Thank you so much!! Awesome that you had quilting to help keep you sane! LOL :-)
    Project Runway is the one show my kids know I'm watching. Some of them like watching it with me though, so that is fun!

  11. My 13yo son loves watching Project Runway with me... it's our mom / son tradition! We love to rate the clothes, and we love Tim Gunn, of course. We miss Michael Kors, he would so the most hilarious things like "She looks like a flamenco dancer from Dubai" LOL!

  12. LOL! I miss Michael Kors too. It's really not the same show without him!


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