10 Fall Floral Dresses to Wear NOW!!


  1. A bit daring the blouse is, but I love the combination of the tuxedo pants and these pumps. You styled this one very well and look amazing. Beautifully black.


  2. I like the eshakti dress best as I can picture it for multiple seasons with tights and sweaters in the fall and winter and with heels for the summer. I placed my first eshakti order last week! My babooshka order came in and I love the split vented tee shirt maxi dresses - the length is perfect after washing. I wore it to a dive bar on Saturday with a black mini skirt and spouse was enthralled! Thanks for all the inspiration!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, you are like reading my mind with all your post. I've been loving the fall floral trends so i've been on the lookout for darker florals from the summer clothes that I could transition into fall. :) But yeah I really love the Asos one and the target one's the best! :)


  4. Ha ha! Thanks Nina! I haven't been a fan of florals for the most part since the 90s, but now, I'm really loving darker florals. The Asos one is my favorite, but it's maternity! LOL I think that we will see a lot more of this print once the fall lines start coming out!

  5. Yes, the eShakti dress would look great with tights and sweaters! I love eShakti - clothes that can be custom made to fit but at a reasonable cost is a brilliant concept. Yay! Glad the Babooshka dress fit! :-)


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