Color and Confidence: RED

I will always prefer a black and ivory combination over anything else, but there is something about color that expresses ideas and conveys emotions in a way that my dear neutrals just don't.
Dress:  The Limited (Available here)
Jacket:  The Limited (Available in other colors here)
Colors add vibrancy to our wardrobes and can help keep us calm, make us happy, and even help us project a message of confidence that we may or may not feel ourselves.

For that reason, color is a big part of my wardrobe, and today, I start a series on color with RED of course - the bold, confidence-enhancing power hue. 
Clutch:  The Limited (Similar here)
Boots:  Target (Available here)
In addition, this series will be all about body confidence!  Summer can be the roughest time for those of us with body issues.  Aside from it being swimsuit season, it is simply HOT!  Summertime calls for bare legs, bare arms, and maybe even some bare midriff.  Showing more skin can be nerve wracking for many, but it doesn't have to be.  If we feel great about ourselves, then we can wear what we want with ease!!  :-)
Belt:  The Limited (came with jumpsuit)
With confidence in mind, let's talk about the color red.  Red is associated with love.  It's the color of lust, of rage, of life itself (blood).  It's no wonder that red is often considered the most daring of the color family.
Red announces to the room that you are there and that you matter.  No hiding out, red lets you stick out from the crowd.  And trust me when I say that this is a GOOD thing!!!  :-)

The dress I'm wearing today actually has quite a bit of sweetness to it.  I added in black and metallic accents to give this dress a bolder look.
Bracelet:  eBay (Similar here)
A red dress is the slick roadster of the clothing world.  It's flashy, it's sexy, it's a little daring, and it says, "I'm in charge." 

If that sounds a little too daring for you, no worries.  There are a ton of ways to incorporate red into your wardrobe that are more understated but still pack a serious punch!

Adding red accessories add interest with less commitment:
What's Black and White (and a little red) All Over?
Weekend Edge
Try burgundy for a more sophisticated, less flashy version of red:
One Top, Two Looks
Burgundy Basic
Red blouses are an easy way to add a touch of this bold hue:
Hearts Afire!
Winter Floral
Fit to be Tie-Dyed
Demand attention AND look professional with a red blazer:
Kiss and Tell
Wonder Woman
Dresses, skirts, and pants in red make a serious statement:
Faux Leather
Mod Squad
Do you dare to make a statement with red?  How do you feel when you wear it?

For this blazer in other looks, see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.


  1. Oh, I love the colour of your dress and at I just got some new red clothes :)

  2. Thanks Birgit! I just got this dress and a red maxi skirt! Such a pretty vibrant color!

  3. You've worn red very well in my time visiting "Style Cassentials." Lovely red dress paired with that nice blazer and those peep-toe boots. That burgundy dress ("One Top, Two Looks") is also beautiful. A red type color I like is crimson. It is a deep, yet rich red color. Anyhow, you wear red lovingly here.


  4. Thanks John! The burgundy look is actually a top and a skirt. I styled the top two ways. Crimson is a very pretty color!


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