How To Wear Fall Florals NOW!

I know most of you are probably way into summer mode, but for some reason, I can't resist thinking about fall fashion!
Dress: LOFT (Available here)
We are having a mild summer this year, and the temperatures have been in the low 80s Fahrenheit all week.  With it not being so hot, I have been enjoying adding little tastes of fall fashion into my work wear. 

Today's look is certainly lightweight enough for summer temps, but the color palette of the floral print has a distinctly fall feel.

Booties:  Target (Available here)
Clutch:  The Limited
I plan on wearing this dress well into fall/winter with tights and boots, but for now, I decided to give it an easier summer vibe with the addition of light accessories.  The beige booties and yellow clutch keep the look from feeling too heavy for summer, while the teal nail polish gives me another taste of fall.
Bracelet:  Ann Taylor (Available here)
Earrings:  Torrid
A belt would look great with this dress, and I plan on wearing one with it next time.  Today though, I wanted to preserve the lightness of the dress by skipping a belt.
In the past I haven't worn a ton of floral prints, but they are starting to grow on me more, especially darker florals like the ones on this print.  They are also expected to be a big trend this fall. 
Are you thinking about fall fashion yet at all?  Are you a fan of wearing florals?

P.S.  I'm thinking about getting this dress hemmed to right at the knee but I can't decide.  What do you think?


  1. I'm usually about a 16, but I'm not sure if that would be an XL or XXL in this dress. What do you think?

  2. I would leave the dress alone lengthwise, I think it looks great a bit longer for a fall look. I love florals (I'm wearing a floral maxi dress right now!). I tend to wear more florals in the summer, but will wear a floral for fall if it's darker like the dress you show here.

  3. I love this floral dress you're wearing. With the skin-tone peep-toe booties, this outfit is even more charming. Well-styled here. As for hemming this dress, it's your call. Go get it hemmed if you think it looks better shorter or something.


  4. I'm definitely thinking of fall fashion right now because I'm tired of the California heat, I'm tired of the 90 to 100 degree weather and dreaming of the cooler weather. I actually don't have very much floral clothing but I do like the darker florals especially for the fall. I think you should hem the dress, I think it would be better for summer with the shorter length and then when you wear tights you can wear longer boots with it. :)


  5. Thanks Jodie! Yes, I came down on the side of hemming! :-)

  6. Heidi, I normally wear a 16 Petite on top and 12 Petite on bottom at LOFT. I got this in an XL Petite. I think that I would base your decision off of bust size. I'm a 36DDD and this dress is just a teensy too small in the bust. If you're fuller chested, I would consider going with the larger size.

  7. I've only recently started to like wearing florals, but I love the darker versions, as in this dress. I decided to go with a shorter hem. I think I would prefer a knee length in this dress - and it will still work well with tights come fall!

  8. Thanks John! I think the booties definitely lighten up the look. :-)

  9. Thanks Nina! I agree about the hemming. I plan on taking it to get altered soon! :-)


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